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Jan 21, 2011 07:09 PM

Indulge Burger in Scottsdale????

Hmmm, what can I say....the burgers looked tasty and had potential...however, after sitting and waiting for an hour for a burger that the server said "takes only 15 minutes to cook", we promptly left when I asked the server "how much longer?" and he came back and asked us to please reorder cause he had screwed up. In my opinion, the lack of attentiveness from the wait staff (umm hello, everyone else around us is eating and we are still sitting here waiting) makes this place an undesireable location to dine. The complimentary cheese garlic chips that they serve were a little bland but I was hoping that they could redeem themselves with their burger and fries. Unfortunately, we never got a chance to try them. I do hope that other chowhounders have a better experience but without a change in staff, (all of whom seem to have come directly off the short bus and directly into this restaurant to work), we will never go back.

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  1. Oh yes, Indulge Burger; my favorite place. (Insert dripping sarcasm here). A couple years ago, I ordered a burger on line from them to pick up on the way home. It was billed as a top shelf, top of the line burger. I got there 5 minutes PRIOR to when I said I would arrive, and it had already been sitting forever; I got it home, it was soggy, cold, and the burger had a terrible texture and no taste. Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago; I was starved, in the mood for a burger, and saw they had upgraded to gluten free buns being available; and since, over the course of the last couple years, I had been diagnosed with Celiac, I decided to give them one more try, hoping the last experience had been a fluke. I ordered, got a confirmation, and headed out to pick it up at the appropriate time. No buger. No information. It was only 4:00pm, so the place was totally empty; tons of employees, but only me as a customer; and it still took forever for anyone to agree to help me. (and I was being super polite and nice about it). Finally, one picked up the print out of my order, sitting alone on the counter, and said, "Oh, we can start that for you now if you want us to". At this point, they'd had the order for an hour. I said no thank you, and left. I won't be going back to Indulge Burger.

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      Not a place, with which I am familiar, and sounds like one that I will never know.

      Though things have gone a bit topsy-turvy in Phoenix dining, there are just too many options.

      Thanks for the warning,


    2. Micro beers, burgers and close to home can I get an AMEN!
      I stopped by on my way home and there were about 20 people in the place...including staff.
      I understood that they had micro brews and was really disappointed at their selection, i.e.: Land Shark, Blue Moon and Shock Top...who is sniffing the glue there? I did order a Kiltlifter from Four Picks...the best of the bunch.. and the Garlic and Parmesan Chips and Fried Pickles. I then waited and waited and waited. The kitchen must have forgotten as 15 minutes went by when the order arrived. No garlic in the chips and the pickles were almost burnt. Who knew that it is possible to screw up frying pickles?

      The cherry on this sundae was that the people sitting to my left and right both knew the owners as the older gentleman along with the young stud acknowledged and spoke with each of them at length. It was great to listen in on the conversations but was taken aback that both did not acknowledge my existence. I was sort of hoping for a hello, a nod or perhaps a 'wassup' so that I could talk about my perceptions of the food. No dice.
      Note to self: remember to keep the 'invisibility cloak" at home! It will not happen again as my shadow will not cross Indulges threshold again.

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        I often, and in similar circumstances, ask my wife, if she had turned on the "stealth chip?"

        Some folk, and too many of them running hospitality industry outlets, just do not "get it."

        Sorry about the dining experience.