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Jan 21, 2011 03:53 PM

St. Louis restaurant for a small group?

I'll be in St. Louis in late March with a group of four to six college friends and we want a Saturday night restaurant with great food and a noise level that will allow us 60-year-olds to hear each other. Noise levels in restaurants are rarely part of the reviews, so I'm not sure if chowhounds will have opinions, but would love to hear from those who do. Sidney Street Cafe looks like a possibility. Others? Thanks for any help.

Sidney Street Cafe
2000 Sidney St, Saint Louis, MO 63104

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  1. They have a tendency to schedule their seatings a little close, Sidney Street, that is. There are some side rooms at Cardwell's at Plaza Frontenac that would be just the right size, the food is good, and they're used to groups of women leisurely chatting. The hostesses are usually a little frosty, but after that it's a winner. Other spots....I need to think about it. Back in a while.

    Sidney Street Cafe
    2000 Sidney St, Saint Louis, MO 63104

    1. And more: Atlas Restaurant has reasonable noise levels and attracts adults. You'd have a better time there after, say, 7:30, with folks heading off to theater or symphony, and the food is first-rate
      Franco is south of downtown, and has good enough noise levels that a tableful of folks older than you are having lunch there many Fridays. And the food is good.

      Many of the restaurants in the Central West End tend to be sort of noisy, but Duff's has a third dining room that's often not used and might be available if you asked, especially in advance. And in that neighborhood, Eau Bistro in the Chase Hotel would be swell; Cafe Eau across the hall is a busy, loud bar with a different menu.

      Many of the Indian restaurants are pretty quiet, and so are the Thai. (That's a relative term, of course, "pretty quiet".) The more popular Chinese and Vietnamese spots tend to be hopping on Saturdays.

      Downtown, there are some expensive places like Tony's (4-star Mobil, Italian and haute comfort food) and Al's (decor from the Johnson Administration, no written menu, divine onion rings and heart-stopping prices) , but for a more reasonable price, in one of the Drury Inns is J. F. Sanfilippo's. Family-owned, usually very quiet at night, traditional Italian, mom still does some of the cooking, including a desert called inis, which is basically a ricotta mixture that's breaded and flash-fried.

      That should be enough to get you started.

      Atlas Restaurant & Lunch Room
      5513 Pershing Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63112

      Franco Bistro & Wine Bar
      1535 South Eighth, St Louis, MO 63104

      Duff's Restaurant
      392 N Euclid Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63108

      J F Sanfilippo's Restaurant
      705 N Broadway, Saint Louis, MO 63102

      Eau Bistro
      212 S. Kings highway, St. Louis, MO 63301

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        You are so kind! Thanks for these great thoughts and ideas. I'll look in to every one of them/

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          You might also look into Harvest.

      2. Farmhaus would be a fantastic choice for you.


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          While I love Farmhaus and recommend it as often as I can, it can get really loud (especially on a Saturday night). If they do go to Farmhaus, I'd recommend going early.