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Jan 21, 2011 02:11 PM

treats that mail well and taste good a week later?

I want to mail a care package to another country that will arrive a week after I send it. What treats do you think are a good idea to send that will taste good up to a few weeks after I send it?

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  1. mandel bread

    1. ANZAC biscuits (oat, coconut cookies without egg). The originals were meant to be shipped in care packages from Australia and New Zealand to soldiers in the Europe during WWI.

      1. meringue cookies
        rum cake
        pound cake
        sugar cookies
        homemade granola
        nut brittles & spiced/glazed nuts

        1. My mother sent me her Oatmeal Cookies all through college, and they arrived a big pile of crumbs at the bottom of the box. I never told her and enjoyed every morsel.

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              My long-lost brother! I told her they arrived in smithereens, and to keep 'em coming regardless :-D

              Brownies and blondies/congo bars will work. Nikki's Healthy Cookies (google the recipe) if you add an egg - otherwise they won't stay together.

            2. This is similar to my grandmother's recipe and will keep well over a week in a tin:


              If you have trouble finding the almond paste you can order some from King Arthur's:

              *Forgot to add that to make it easier to remove the cookies from the parchment, place the hot cookie sheet on a wet towel for a few minutes.

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                One more recipe:

                (Btw, the pignoli cookies above won't crumble if packed tightly.)