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Jan 21, 2011 01:05 PM

Treats/desserts that travel well?

I love baking, but I live at school and have no access to a real kitchen during the week. On the weekends, though, I do- it's about a 2.5 hour bus journey away though. I'd love some ideas for desserts that I could make to bring back and share with my dormmates (For a baker, I have very little sweet tooth for some reason...another reason I'm asking for ideas.) I am having trouble thinking of things beyond basic chocolate chip cookies etc that will hold up well on the (hot) bus ride and trek back to campus and still taste awesome. Transporting things that are really sticky/gooey, or in a large container, is hard since I only have a backpack and I get back to school on public transport. Any suggestions?

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  1. Packaged cookies
    canned pudding cups
    candy bars
    bulk candies (your favorite)
    granola bars

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      OP is looking for things to MAKE while home on weekends and then bring back with her for her friends.

    2. Bar cookies! Brownies, blondies/Congo bars, lemon squares, pecan squares, magic bars, etc. You can bake and transport in disposable foil pans (some come with plastic covers) stacked in a grocery bag/tote.

      Also quick-bread loaves like applesauce cake, and banana bread, also in disposable pans.

      1. My hubby loves cupcakes, but they're a nightmare to transport. I found a square muffin tin and bake the cupcakes in it, then cool them, slice them in half and put the frosting in the middle. Individually wrapped, they travel very well, and they're not as messy to eat!

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          i call those cakewiches! i was never much of a cupcake fan because i didn't like the unbalanced frosting i would scrape off the frosting & set it aside, lop off the soggy top & discard it, slice the rest of the cupcake in half, spread the frosting between them, and put the sandwich together...much better :)

          i have a couple of those square muffin tins and i love them. the "sandwich" trick is terrific for brownies & bar cookies too if you want to spread a layer of filling in there to up the decadence factor. i also did it with muffins and sandwiched them with preserves and a layer of lightly sweetened whipped ricotta when i had a craft services breakfast catering gig for a movie set - they were a huge hit.

        2. Hi Slowdive,

          Good for you! Your pals will be eternally grateful!

          Don't know how big your backpack is but linzer torte (Austrian dessert with almond crust, seedless raspberry preserves, criss-cross crust on top) travels very well in a pizza box. You can get a new box from your favorite friendly pizza person.

          Pound cake. Lemon, buttermilk, poppy seed, chocolate, whatever floats your boat! Bake it in small aluminum foil loaf pans. A standard Bundt-size recipe will make probably 2-3 loaves.

          Oh, be sure you buy yourself a can of Baker's Joy! Then it won't stick when you take it out.

          Come to think of it... You could take it out of the pans, wrap in plastic, put back in the washed pans for transport. Less mess in ye ole dorm room...

          I bring that up because when my son was in college I would send him home-baked stuff. He appreciated it being easy to serve to his buddies.

          One last thing... Freeze all delectables before you head out.


          1. There a lot of other varieties of cookies that you could make. Here is a thread from Christmas with many ideas and cookie recipes.

            Also, any kind of dense, un-iced cake or quickbread -- banana bread, pumpkin bread, carrot cake.