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Where's the best place to buy meats instead of the Supermarket?

am starting to loathe the quality of meat offered in supermarkets-- was looking for an alternate route of where to buy higher-quality meats from.

anyone got any suggestions?

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    1. Costco has excellent meat; much better than the markets IMHO

      1. +1 on your local butcher.
        Farmers Markets are another place to look for higher quality, better raised meats. Usually direct from the producer.

        1. Isn't "butcher" the obvious answer?

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            i don't know where you folks live but independent butcher shops selling quality meats are few and far between. Around here, there are more Costco's within a 20 mile radius than there are butchers. Costco carries top quality meats at a lower price than an independent could sell it for.

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              I agree with "i don't know where you folks live but independent butcher shops selling quality meats are few and far between." I would LOVE having a butcher shop in my vicinity, but no matter where I live that doesn't seem to happen.

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                I can understand that (and feel for you). Which is why it would have been helpful if the OP said something like "I live in x and there's nothing but supermarkets around here. Are there any online resources or places that you know of near x where I can get decent meat?"

                As the question was framed, the butcher is indeed the obvious answer. Followed by lobels.com, depending on the budget.

            2. Another possibility is a restaurant supply. Are there any in your area?

              There used to be one where I live. Only thing is sometimes I had to buy more than I actually wanted but it was a good resource anyhow.

              Also I could drive over to the coast for wonderfully fresh seafood right off the boats.


              1. Obviously this is a local company but they ship.
                Or find a similar kind of place.

                1. I bought all my meat from restaurant supply companies. I ran a specialty store for 16 years with fair success. The problem with farm to table is that there is only 10 pounds of filet on a 1200 pound steer. Cargill and IBP will always be able to fill orders and they do know their product.

                  1. I buy most of my meat diect from a small farm over the internet or from producers at the local farmers market.

                    1. Agree with Costco.
                      You might try posting this on your local board.

                      1. I'm sorry for your plight. But could you say what meat and cuts, and what quality issues, you have in mind?

                        A good butcher is an obvious first start. But for someone unhappy with their supermarket's rib-eye steaks, a popular American cut, I'd wonder about whether you're neglecting some upscale supermarket in the area (here we have a very good regional chain). If you're into beef shanks, you'd do well to seek out a Mexi/Latin grocer. You want lamb? Find a Halal market.

                        No upscale supermarkets near you.

                        1. I'm having the same problem...when I lived in NY, I had the meat markets, grocer's & ethnic markets to choose from. I now live in NC where there is no meat markets in my little area and the couple of grocer's offerings don't excite me but I used to work in a restaurant so I still have access to supplier meats & other groceries, and at decent prices for the most part. Also, when I'm out of my area, I seek out other markets & shops and when I find something of interest, I load up and stock my freezer.

                          1. Wow, "loathe" seems pretty strong to me. I can get all sorts for good to great meats at Safeway and SaveMart (the two main ones near me). Everything? No. All the time? No. I've been buying things from a Latino market lately. Costco for some things.