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Stout Irish Pub

So this place looks pretty great.


Anyone been yet?

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  1. Sounds promising. I need an alternative to the HOP around the corner.

    1. ah Im so excited!!! Finally a replacement for HOP.
      I will try to check it out this weekend and report back.

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        As promised I stopped by tonight. I loved what they did to the place.. I remember a couple years ago going into the Brass Taps, sitting down, looking around at the less-than-exciting interior and just getting up and leaving. Its warm and inviting, and they have a fireplace which is a HUGE plus in my pub-evaluation books. The service was great. The owner (? I think... he was Irish and seemed to be in charge) checked up on us a few times, and the server did the same. They were still working out some of the kinks (they were all out of the baked potatoes, for example) and the server was still getting to know the menu, but thats expected for a place that has only been open for 2 weeks.
        We tried:
        Tempura veg- nice crispy exterior, but the sweet potatoes were undercooked.
        Deep fried pickles- amazing, some of the better deep fried pickles I have had. Its also in a tempura batter.
        Prime rib sandwich with salad- meh salad, and the prime rib was very fatty.. which is expected for prime rib, but not good when its in a sandwich and you can't just "cut around" the globs of fat. The prime rib itself, however, was very tender, much better than most pub versions I have had.
        Beef dip and potato chips- Pretty good. Nothing special, really.
        Meatball sandwich with poutine- I was so excited when I saw a big list of poutines and I asked if I could have one of them for an upcharge in place of fries... they decided to let me have the simplest plain poutine (not one of the special ones) for 3.99$ up charge. I agreed, but I wouldnt have if I knew how small it was. I got a little cup of fries with curds and gravy. The gravy was good, but for the small portion I wouldn't do it again. Also, they told me that after I ordered it.. and they agreed.. that the owner decided he wont do that upgrade again. Oh well. The meatball sub was pretty good, and I would order it again.
        So, in general I think they have a good menu that I am willing to return to and explore further, but they have a few kinks to work out. They also have a really interesting beer list and a lot of tap, so I think it will be a great place to just go for a drink and a light snack. Let me know if any one else has had any experiences.

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          I too have been to Stout and likewhat they have done to the place. The owners are trying hard to make it work and deserve to be encouraged. That being said I am not sure that it will replace the HOP. It is a pub with a great beer list and typical pub food including great fries. They do still need to iron out some kinks but a great neighbourhood alternative. It will be interesting to see if the HOP can maintain its food standards and hopefully improve the attitude when they move to larger premises. meanwhile I wish the WICKS could get it together on the food front. There is room for more success in Cabbagetown

      2. After reading these posts, i decided to pop by for a quick pint and to check the place out. It was pretty busy for a Monday, especially for only being open for a couple of weeks. I agree - they have done a really nice job with the design of the place - the arm chairs, the fire place. I liked all the micro-breweries, thought it was nice to have alternative beers.

        Had the deep fried pickles which were nicely done in the tempura batter - didn't really like the dipping sauce though.

        Service was really friendly, and the chef came out to introduce himself which i thought was a nice touch.

        I am a west-ender, but i think i'll be making this one of my east/central spots.

        1. Popped in for an early dinner a few days ago...The good: interesting beer selection, rather pleasant, mildly distracted service...yummy poutine with great fries (heavy on the the salt), chicken pot pie was reportedly great. The bad: noise level was pretty high, I found it hard to have a conversation without shouting, the space, while "warmed up" from Brass Taps days, still felt a bit cold to me...the "stout burger" (at 17.99!) was possibly one of the worst burgers I have eaten, at that price point (or much lower!)..server actually said "yeah, we are thinking about taking it off the menu.." Um, ok. I would have liked to have known that BEFORE shelling out almost 20 bucks. I'm on the fence - not sure if I will run back for dinner, but drinks and snack might work out just fine.

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            At least it seems they are listening to customers... We returned for a beer last week and they were really trying hard to check up on us, and make sure everything was good. A real improvement from the service at the HOP down the street.

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              $17.99.... Wow, is it covered in gold leaf? Is it organic or what? Also, having no Guinness is unheard of in an Irish Pub. Hopefully they listen too their customers and iron out glitches. Good luck!

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                Haha, I just had to jump in and agree with that burger --- like what the hell were they thinking?
                In their defense they did comp it to me which was definately the right thing to do but how about not selling it in the first place. They told me the same thing about taking it off the menu as well.
                Nice place though, they've really done a nice job with the space. Unsure if i would go instead of HOP though, that's a pretty consistant spot.

              2. I was here for a drink and some food recently, and it wasn't half bad.

                Most important to me was that they had Murphy's on tap, rather than Guinness. It was poured right and had a thick, creamy head - though it did seem perhaps colder than it should have been.

                The burger had was a bit of a mixed bag. The meat itself was good, and the burger was moist and pink in the middle. But it was also a bit grey (no grill marks, or colour of any sort), and there was neither any mustard on the bun nor on the table, which seemed odd to me. The fries, however, were great.

                On the plus side, the vibe and service were great. Too bad I'm so far from this place, or I'd visit more often.

                1. A choice from the HOP like this is nothing but good news to me.

                  And if the HOP sorts out their attitude problem, well then, that will be two fine places to frequent when I'm in the neighbourhood.

                  1. Sad to say, Stout's food can be summed up in two words: mediocre and overpriced. Wait, make that three: mediocre and outrageously overpriced.

                    I've now been for three meals here and the food is blah, at best. Worse, it is massively, almost gobsmackingly, expensive for what it is. The $17.99 burger is just the start. $23 for a prime rib dinner when I can get an excellent Sunday roast--including homemade bread pudding for dessert--for $15 at House on Parliament around the corner? Who came up with this menu, at this price point? Did they not even research what their competition are offering, much better and much cheaper? When I scanned the menu the first time I immediately discounted ordering about a third of the items, simply because they were too expensive. The second time, after I knew what the quality of the food was like, I discounted about two-thirds of the items. The third time, I gave it one more go, and after being disappointed again I won't be back to eat. Lovely place for a pint--just a shame about the food and the blatant price gouging. I can only conclude that they are they trying to make back the money they spent on the refit.

                    Stout Irish Pub
                    221 Carlton St, Toronto, ON , CA

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                    1. re: literonomer

                      Today's print version of Eye Weekly excerpts a letter from one of Stout's owners conceding that the original menu price point is out of line -- she is promising "a new downsized menu with more competitive prices".

                      1. re: caviartothegeneral

                        A group of us ate there on March 10th - I'm not sure if we got the new menu or not - but the burger I had was $9.99 - it was massive and tasty. Moist, pink in the middle, good quality meat, fresh bun. Sweet potato fries were thin sliced, coated in egg batter and crispy.

                        The above commenter who remarked about the mustard - I was offered a wide selection of condiments, including mustard.

                        Service was quick, friendly and attentive. Both the owner and manager came over to talk to us and make sure everything was okay. We all agreed we would go back.

                        Didn't hurt that they gave us whiskey shots before we left.. on the house.

                        I'd say they are listening.. and trying.

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                          That's really great to hear, kayehm. if your burger was 9.99, you definitely had the new menu (the old burger was 17.99!). i'm looking forward to heading back to try the new menu--fingers crossed!

                    2. I'd let the place live if they simply took "Irish" out of their title.

                      Sight unseen, I'd rather go to the new Underdown Pub in the former Queen's Head Pub/Pimblett;s location, Looks like they've done a lovely job with the space judging by the website. Also appears far more neighbourly than the uber corporate Stout.

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                      1. re: Googs

                        I always admire people who take an good restaurant idea and see it to fruition and I think 'Stout' in this case is an admirable venture. I do realise it's only new too, however, if you give something a moniker such as 'Stout Irish Pub' and not only have just 1 type of Irish Stout (Murphys) and not the world's most well known and popular Irish Stout (Guinness), I fear they may need to rethink this major faux pas. The name itself suggests that there may be a list of Stouts on offer. This may well be true with the inclusion of St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout but without Guinness, the pub name falls flat.
                        Locals and tourists alike will flock to the pub because of the name and quite rightly expect a Guinness and what will this new pub do on St. Patricks Day?

                        1. re: liberiangirl

                          I love that they focus more on quality beer than to have Guinness on their menu. Murphy's is a much better representation of the style and St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout is great. I just think Guinness would stick out like a sore thumb on a tap list of local craft beers.

                          I think their food was just ok when I went in January, but I was quite happy with the beer list. I'll be interested to see how it is when I go back.