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Jan 21, 2011 12:24 PM

The Original Shrimp House Arcadia

Went to Taco Treat on Live Oak in Arcadia. Ok, but not nearly as good at Taco Lita, when it comes to Americanized tacos.

After Taco Treat, I drove east on Live Oak to Myrtle, and there was The Original Shrimp House. Anybody been recently? Worth a stop?

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  1. The food reminds me of Sizzler. If you go, bring the $25 coupon from to help ease the pain. On Sat and Sun , they have a small sirloin with two fried shrimp and a baby lobster tail all for $17.99. Your fellow diners will mostly be between the ages of 85 and dead.

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      I'd love to send a coupon to my Uncle, but I can't find them listed on --is it gone?

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        Start with zip code 91006 and it should be on one of the first 5 pages - I just saw it. Or, just click on this link... I still had it up.

    2. Better than what was there before (Shrimp Boat?...something like that) but about the best I can say is not bad. It can get insanely crowded on Friday nights during Lent.

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        It used to be Shrimp Ahoy

        Shrimp Ahoy
        4488 E Live Oak Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006

      2. Like-Go-Eat? (later known as "Jeet Jet") was a big fan of the Shrimp Scampi at The Original Shrimp House (at the now closed El Monte location).


        Haven't seen Jeet Jet post on Chowhound in awhile.

        I found the fried seafood at The Original Shrimp House to be okay, not great -- batter a little too heavy and greasy. The Original Shrimp House used to feature take-out packages that were a pretty good value.

        1. My aunt and uncle used to go the the Original Shrimp House in Claremont for years. When it closed they didn't know about the other locations. I heard about the El Monte one and we went over one day. The thing to get are the fried Jumbo Shrimp dinner with clam chowder. I did see a cocktail of shrimp and avocado and salsa that looked great but I didn't try. It was fun in a old school way and I went once or twice with the family but that closed pretty quickly once I'd found it here on chowhound. Uncle was bummed out until he found the Arcadia one. They go regularly but I just went once. I was kina over it by the 3rd visit or maybe they weren't as good as El Monte. The shrimp seemed not as good, the sides aren't anything special.

          I like Seafare Inn in Whittier much better for old school. I'm trying to get my Uncle to try it since they have fried shrimp. What I like here is the really nice selection of seafood, some specials you wouldn't expect like Monkfish, Lake Superior whitefish and halibut cheeks. And they have great sides, the coleslaw (non mayo) is really special and I'm not usually a fan. I've only been once, read about it here, but all the seafood was perfectly cooked. Including an Idaho rainbow trout, the fried seafood platter (shrimp was best part), broiled scallops, mahi mahi with mango salsa.

          Seafare Inn
          16363 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, CA 90603

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            This brought to mind Seafood Bay on Whittier Bl. in Whittier. 25 years ago there was no place else to get huge plates of fish and shellfish that a young punk could afford to take his date(now wife). That place was a trip, with eastern european staff that would parade HUGE lobsters through the dining room on the way to deliver them to waiting tables. Can't afford fish anymore:(

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              Lake Superior Whitefish? Okay, now I have to take my mom. Thanks!