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Moving to Montreal

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I'm moving to Montreal (Westmount to be specific) and for me, nothing gets me feeling more at home than finding out where the best food sources are. Any help identifying any of the following would be great! I'll be taking transit everywhere, so anything that is transit accessible would be helpful!

1. Korean grocery store (Especially anything along the lines of Galleria in Toronto)
2. Farmer's market
3. Coffee/tea shops in Westmount (Especially if they have wi-fi)
4. Bakery (Any type of bakery really, be it Greek or Arabic)
5. Butcher
6. Cheese shop
7. Brunch
8. Noodles (Similar to Kenzo Ramen would be nice)
9. Pizza
10. Any Montreal food shop that shouldn't be missed

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Where exactly in Westmount? Will you be closer to Decarie or Atwater?

    1. Welcome to Montreal!

      Westmount has one main shopping/eating strip, along Sherbrooke St. West. Adjacent neighbourhoods include NDG and downtown, so I'm giving you most of my non-Westmount recs in those areas.

      1. Korean grocery store (Especially anything along the lines of Galleria in Toronto)

      Epicerie Coreene & Japonaise - 2109, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest (downtown, to the east of Westmount)

      Marché d'Alimentation Coreen - 6151, rue Sherbrooke Ouest (NDG, to the west of Westmount)

      We have nothing like Galleria in Toronto AFAIK - our Korean community is just not that big. :-(

      2. Farmer's market

      Atwater Market is closest to Westmount but Jean-Talon Market is the biggest & probably best, especially in summer.

      3. Coffee/tea shops in Westmount (Especially if they have wi-fi)

      Tons of coffee chains along Sherbrooke, not sure which have Wifi - will let someone else answer.

      4. Bakery (Any type of bakery really, be it Greek or Arabic)

      Cavallaro - 4865, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Westmount

      5. Butcher

      Heard good things about Boucherie Westmount - 5207, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest. Lots of butchers at Atwater Market.

      6. Cheese shop - will let someone else answer. Used to be a cheese shop on Sherbrooke in Westmount but cannot remember the name. Also a cheese shop at the Atwater Market.

      7. Brunch

      Cafe Orange - 4011, boul. Décarie (a bit west in NDG)
      Cocktail Hawaii - 1645 Maisonneuve West (a bit west downtown)

      8. Noodles (Similar to Kenzo Ramen would be nice)

      Head east to Chinatown 2 near Concordia (24 bus or Guy metro). Lots of threads on the boards.

      9. Pizza

      There is a great debate about pizza in Montreal. Check out the thread on Best Pizza in Montreal.

      I like Prato on St-Laurent for coal-oven fired pizza - 3891, boul. St-Laurent - but it's not in or adjacent to Westmount.

      10. Any Montreal food shop that shouldn't be missed

      Oh my - too many! If you want to check out a huge range of Quebec-made products, don't miss Marché des Saveurs at the Jean-Talon Market. Marché des Douceurs at the Atwater market has a lot of gourmet goodies.

      Jean-Talon Market
      7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

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      1. re: kpzoo

        I would add:

        http://www.poissonneriesherbrooke.com... - excellent fish monger and grocer

        Boucherie Westmount - 5207, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC H4A 1T7, Canada - excellent butcher.

        1. re: kpzoo

          There are actually several cheese shops at Atwater Market, but I would go with Fromagerie du marché Atwater, which has the biggest variety, plus a whole bunch of local microbrew beers and charcuterie. Fromagerie Hamel isn't bad, and there's also Paradis du Fromage, which I don't usually go to.

        2. BTW, you can buy beer at any depenneur any day of the week to 11:00pm....

          1. there's a korean/japanese market on little decarie btwn sherbrooke & de maisonneuve, same block as kfc
            westmount public library for wi-fi, having had a tea from david's corner victoria and sherbrooke on the way
            people will protest but le fournil on victoria south of sherbrooke for bakery (victoria village, near good japanese grocery, across from metro supermarket)
            which is close to marché l'autre choix, a bit further south on victoria. organic farmer's section, also csa pick-up point for ferme mange-tout

            1. Ah - just thought of a non-chain café not too far from Westmount, with free Wifi:

              Shaika Café - 5526 Sherbrooke Street West - NDG

              They have live music at night, a selection of food, and a funky atmosphere.

              1. My picks:

                1. Korean grocery store: Sorry, Montréal is a Korean food wasteland. As kpzoo stated, Épicerie Coréene & Japonaise (Atwater Metro) is the closest thing we have to a specialized Korean épicerie. Otherwise, National Food in your new neighbourhood at 4903 rue Sherbrooke (Bus Route 24), just east of Claremont, is a small épicerie that sells some Korean (and Asian) food products. Products Eden sells mainly health (organic and specialty) food products at Avenue du Parc and Prince Albert (in La Cité apartment complexes) that is also owned by Koreans and sells some Korean food. Bus routes 80 or 535.

                2. Farmer`s Market: Atwater Market (bus from metro Atwater or Charlevoix) is the closest; Marché Jean-Talon (metro Jean-Talon) is the biggest and best.

                3. Coffee and tea shops: Just a note that in Montréal, most cafés here have free Wi-Fi which Toronto does not have (yet). And there are lots of 24 hour cafés as well. Plus, you can discover non-Ontario coffee chains or Montréal-specific cafés that are not Starbucks or Second Cup and are quite decent.

                4. Bakery: Other than Pâtisserie de Gascogne in your neighbourhood (4825 rue Sherbrooke, west of Grovesnor), go to the Mile End for bakery awesomeness. This Chowhound-user-generated walking tour of some bakeries in the neighbourhood is great and should be bookmarked. Take the Parc buses:

                5. Butcher: Go to Atwater or Jean-Talon markets.

                6. Cheese Shop: La Foumagerie at 4906 rue Sherbrooke (west of Prince Albert). Atwater or Jean-Talon markets.

                7. Brunch: I love Le Cartet and Olive et Gourmado in Old Montréal; L'Avenue in the Plateau; and haven't been the Chez Lawrence in Mile End yet but I would say this is the most currently hyped up place to go for brunch.

                8. Noodles: I recently when to Ramen-Ya in the Plateau (4274 St. Laurent, just north of Rachel) and thought it was pretty good. There are some more in Chinatown that I haven't been, but I'd say Ramen-Ya is similar in quality to Kenzo Ramen.

                9. Pizza: Petite Italie for Bottega Pizzeria (mid- to high-end; 65 Saint-Zotique est) and Pizzeria Napoletana (189 rue Dante) for a more boisterous, casual, and family-focused resto.

                10. Any other Montréal food shops? From another Toronto expat to you, I'd say if you are looking for Korean restaurants you're out of luck. Atti at Sherbrooke and University (metro McGill) is a bit pricier than a lot of the other Korean restos in the city but I'd say it's one of the most decent ones (though not necessarily all that decent). Go to Boustan on Crescent for legendary shwarmas and falafels (and free, late-night delivery) that you can't get in Toronto. Empanadas at La Chilenta in the Plateau is another good one; you can order wholesale and frozen empanadas (in addition to tacos that they serve in-house). Decent bread, coffee, cheese and meats abound in this city and any of these that dip to Toronto-quality levels aren't tolerated. Surprisingly, the best veg restaurant I've ever been to has been Aux Vivres in the Mile End, a spot that a lot of non-vegs enjoy. Otherwise, you'll find good restos from communities formerly (and currently) affiliated with France such as Vietnamese, Syrian, and Morroccan; I find these worth exploring if you're from Toronto (yeah, Toronto has lots of Vietnamese restos but I find the ones in Montréal different in a good way). Good luck and enjoy your stay!

                Aux Vivres
                4631 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T1R2, CA

                Le Cartet
                106 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

                65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K7, CA

                Pizzeria Napoletana
                189 Rue Dante, Montreal, QC H2S1K1, CA

                5032 Rue Sherbrooke W, Montreal, QC H4A1S7, CA

                1. Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I'm living near St. Henri station, if that's any help with the exact location. Looks like I need to stock up on key ingredients before I make the big move this week.

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                  1. re: Euni

                    If by saying you are near St-Henri station you mean you are on the southside of the Ville-Marie highway then you've lead us astray by saying you are in Westmount. You are in fact in St-Henri and you'll find places on Notre-Dame easier to get to then the places mentioned here on Sherbrooke. But you're in luck because the new and very well received Café Saint-Henri Micro-Torréfacteur will be nearby.


                    Also, you are close to Atwater Market, which should be your go-to spot for meats, cheeses, and baked goods. There are also nice cafés and restaurants on Notre-Dame just east of Atwater, including Geppetto for pretty good pizza. Burgund Lion is pretty popular for a British-style brunch, though I haven't been myself. A little further down Notre-Dame is Griffintown Café...I've been for dinner (very good, great music on Fridays) but many say their brunch is outstanding.

                    I can also recommend both the Jamaican and African restaurants on Notre-Dame just west of Atwater.

                    1. re: foodinspace

                      "If by saying you are near St-Henri station you mean you are on the southside of the Ville-Marie highway then you've lead us astray by saying you are in Westmount."

                      Agreed. ;-) Your main drag is in fact Notre-Dame W., not Sherbrooke W. There are lots of cool cafés along Notre-Dame - my friend loves Lili & Oli in particular, good coffee & atmosphere + free Wifi.

                      Lili & Oli
                      2515 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

                      1. re: kpzoo

                        Don't be too hard on the OP -- Place St-Henri is only a couple of blocks outside the City of Westmount, and it's entirely plausible that they'll be living in Westmount yet just a stone's throw from St-Henri station.

                        1. re: Mr F

                          Yeah, when I hear someone say they live in Westmount, unless they specifically say "Lower Westmount" (that tiny strip of Westmount below the 20, mostly on St-Antoine) I assume they mean they live in the much-larger "rest of Westmount." My bad! Luckily the OP is near a metro, so that'll provide easy access to so much stuff, including the Westmount/NDG recs I made above, which are mostly accessible via Vendome metro.

                          1. re: kpzoo

                            Wow, interesting. I just looked at a map and there is indeed a tiny bit of Westmount, around 3 blocks worth, that is below the highway. But I digress...

                            Toi, Moi, et Café makes some good breakfasts too (Notre-Dame just east of Atwater), though I find that there is a noticeable decline in quality on weekends when they are really busy.

                            1. re: foodinspace

                              I looked up the postal code and technically I'm in Westmount, but it looks like my food world has expanded a bit!

                              1. re: Euni

                                I had a feeling you'd have an overwhelming response when saying "Westmount" then "Next to St. Henri" - hehe.
                                I was commenting on an NDG thread awhile back and was quickly told of my geographical blunder of mentioning a place a couple of blocks outside this neighborhood....
                                On the Griffintown Cafe suggestion - yeah, love the jazzy music atmosphere, you can check their line-up on their website. Just don't get them mixed up with "Griffintown" down the street...

                                1. re: porker

                                  L'Avenue is worth the trip from anywhere in Montreal