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Jan 21, 2011 11:08 AM

Tramontina on sale at Tuesday Morning

I've never used Tramontina, so this is not a recommendation, just a notice that Tramontina is on sale at Tuesday Morning.

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  1. Let me recommend Tramontina. I love the stuff. I own a couple of pieces and they're fabulous alternatives to All-Clad. However, this is not a sale. I own the 4 quart Prima saucepan with the helper handle (great pan!) which was bought for $58 at Walmart. The "sale" is merely the regular retail price.

    1. The Tramontina Prima only has a clad base so it's not the fully clad model that people rave about as the All-Clad alternative.

      1. I didn't see this until after I bought a Tramontina pan, a small 1 1/2 qt. I think. I need it to replace an older pan, so I bought it for a reason. It is irritating to find out this isn't a sale price. The price tag plainly indicates that the price is a markdown.

        However, it is a very nice pan. I love the comfortable handle, and the solid weight of it. Lid is not the greatest. But otherwise, a very good pan.