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Jan 21, 2011 10:21 AM

New Orleans Style Hot Sausage: Trash or Treasure?

I often wonder why it seems that nobody has tried to elevate the use of this unique local product beyond the lowly corner store's hot sausage poboy and occasional pot of gumbo. Rivershack's hot sausage / beef burger is the only exception I can think of, which is excellent, and the hot sausage poboy with cheese at Parkway is as good as it gets. I can understand prejudice against the mainstay "Patton's" brand which is full of cereal fillers and god knows what else, but even this product can be decent when prepared correctly. I've found that Rouses makes a very tasty, lean variety that goes great on breakfast sandwiches and pizza, and I've been trying to think of other uses for it.

Surely I can't be alone in my appreciation of hot sausage. It seems to me that whereas most locals are eager to embrace any sort of New Orleans or Louisiana specialty food, hot sausage gets the cold shoulder. Or maybe my taste buds are just defective?

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  1. I think of it (Patton's) as an indulgence.

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      You guys have got to be kidding about Pattons. It is at the very bottom of the list for me. All grits and grease. Rouses isn't even close to New Orleans style. I grew up in Mid City and Metairie for years Zumo's at the end of Metairie road was one of the best. Now gone I think that one of there butchers went to Dorignacs and brought the receipe. Though the last batch I had was off. Then there was a meat shop just past Rosevelt on airline hwy in Kenner called Giovanies that for years was top notch, but also now gone. The loss of so many small groceries with instore meat butchers has caused a decline in good New Orleans hot sausage. Don't know about parkway but I'll give it a try. But I'm sorry Pattons is a poor choice for any awards for hot sasuage

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        I stopped in at K Gee's in Mandeville to give them a try and got the hot sausage po-boy. The first thing they asked was how do you want your sausage made. They custom mix the meat and spices to give you the heat level you want. It was good enough to return a second time and try again (with the heat dialed down a tad).

        I found it to be a very good and satisfying sandwich. It might translate into good meatballs or meatloaf if it were mixed with a good Italian sausage.

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