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Jan 21, 2011 09:47 AM

Looking for bottled sorrel

Any suggestions for where I can find sorrel in a jar in the GTA? I was able to get it years ago in Ottawa but that source has closed and I have not found a replacement in Toronto. It is useful for soups and sauces (I especially like it with a vodka, cream cheese, sorrel sauce with smoked salmon on pasta). I am not certain what cuisines other than french use sorrel (oseille) regularly. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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  1. There's something called "shav" or "schav" - a sorrel soup in eastern European Jewish cuisine. I believe Manischewitz and/or Gold's makes versions of it. You'd find it in the kosher sections of supermarkets in Jewish neighbourhoods or in kosher grocery stores along the Bathurst St. Jewish corridor (basically, from Lawrence Ave. north through Thornhill and beyond). /

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      Jamaicans also use 'sorrel''s used around Christmas time in's made into a wonderful 'punch-kind of' drink with fresh ginger etc and usually Rum (overproof at that). It's used as a social welcome somewhat like EggNog is used here for the holiday season. I doubt if it's in 'season' (fresh at this time) but perhaps it's available in a jar at West Indian stores, (grocery-produce). If you are close to Kensington Market or Eglinton Avenue West and Oakwood (there are lots of other areas but these are the two I am most familiar with) I would ask around in these or other areas.Check yellow pages/google for WI stores in your area.

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        Jamaican sorrel has nothing to do with the herb sorrel. Jamaican sorrel is made from the fruit of the hibiscus plant.

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          ^ Well, a plant in the hibiscus family to be exact.

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            Thanks for the 'info' I did not know that they were unrelated..and it's not made from the 'fruit', I believe it's the leaves but again, I could be mistaken..I'll ask when I get to JA soon...

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              Well it's sort of both, it's made from the dried calyx of the flower, similar idea to rose hips.

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        I think there is a type of Polish vodka with Schav leaves or stems inside the bottle.

        The OP might also consider growing sorrel indoors on a south window, or outdoors in April.
        The seeds and plants are available from

      3. Many thanks for the suggestions. II will begin with searching for maneschewitz soup and go from there. However, I think the "grow your own" suggestion may be the lasting solution!