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baked chicken wings?

Please give me all your recipes for spicy wings to make for this Sunday's game. But I want to bake them, not deep fry. Thanks!

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  1. See this thread, for "nonfried" wings, which substantially overlaps your inquiry. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/760603
    I've posted there a recipe for baked, Buffalo style wings.

    1. I've made Alton Brown's baked wings before and they are great. He steams them first, then bakes.

      1. I never fry my wings either.

        First make your buffalo sauce: your favorite hot sauce + butter + salt + pepper + your fave herbs/spices (i use a little oregano) - heat all ingredients on low heat for a few minutes to get warm and tasty

        You can marinate them overnight then bake them off while basting with the sauce, or bake the wings (drizzled with some olive oil) naked then toss them in the sauce afterwards. Usually, 375 deg. for 30-45 minutes does the trick.

        Homemade blue cheese dressing - equal parts mayo and sour cream, salt, pepper, shot of lemon juice, chunks of blue cheese - let sit in fridge for an hour to meld flavors.

        1. We like Jamicain Jerk wings (make a jerk sauce, marinate the wings for a few hours in the sauce, then bake in the oven at 400 for about 40 minutes, basting with more jerk sauce about half way through). We also make teriyaki wings, same as above but with teriyaki sauce.

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            Does anyone know how to make the sauce they have at Buffalo Wild Wings that tastes like chili garlic sauce?

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              400 for 40 minuters seems like high heat/long time to me. I bake bone-in chicken breasts at 350 for 50 minutes and they come out fine. Since the wings aren't that big, don't they come out dry?

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                They come out fine. While they are small, the relatively high amount of fat (all that skin) keeps the meat juicy.

            2. I did a batch from a recipe by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, formerly of Cook's Illustrated, and they came out terrific. Nobody would have guessed they were baked. The secret ingredient: Baking powder. Trust me, they're fantastic.


              1. I like my wings extremely crispy so I bake 'em about 70 minutes at 400 degrees. Just place them on a foiled cookie sheet and drizzle healthy amounts of your favorite sauce (Frank's Original, for example) over them and bake.

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                  One of my favorite way to do wings, especially for a crowd is the Sliver Palate's Chicken Marbella recipe. Sometimes I chop the prunes, sometimes I leave them out completely but either way, "Wings Marbella" are always a major hit. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/mem...



                2. I've made this balsamic soy glazed wings recipe for football parties to acclaim. Very easy also and the skin is crisp:


                  Other baked wings from epicurious are here. Looks like some good possibiilties here:


                  1. My 3-step HEALTHY crispy skinless baked wing recipe!

                    Step one - Bake chicken wings with the skin on in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes (or just until the wings are completely cooked through and the fat has started to render)

                    Let cool until you can handle them without burning your hands and remove the skin. This is best done while they are still a bit warm. The skin should come off fairly easily.

                    Step 2: Coat the wings in a spice rub. I like to mix brown sugar (you need some form of sugar in this rub so the wings caramelize), smoked paprika, a lot of garlic powder, seasoned salt, black pepper, lemon pepper, kosher salt and cayenne to taste depending on how spicy you like it!

                    Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or until the sugars have started to caramelize around the meat and it's starts to crisp. This stage you get the texture and a great flavor without the fat of deep frying.

                    Step 3: Remove the wings and let cool a bit. Letting them cool will help create a better, crispier crust. Coat the wings in a hot wing sauce. Use your favorite brand. I like to add a little butter and some of the spice rub to the wing sauce. Once the wings are fully coated I put them back in the 400 degree oven for another 10 minutes and the butter in the sauce crisps them even more. They still come out saucy like normal wings but get a little more crispy this way.

                    These are not going to taste like the deep fried coated wings at your favorite spot (mine is Ye Rustic Inn in Silverlake, CA) but they are a delicious and healthy alternative! Now that we've made some healthy wings, let's dip them in the creamiest, cheesiest blue cheese dressing we can find! Yum and yum!

                    1. i've tried a couple times now to bake chicken wings, and haven't been able to get good results. It's frustrating, because I love the wings off a simple baked whole chicken (450 degrees, trussed, salted, about 50 minutes). When i do the whole chicken, the wings come out golden brown, and crispy.

                      I wanted to get the same result with just wings, so I put them on a baking sheet, cooked for about 40 minutes, and it they really just seemed to stew in their own fat, and never got crispy. So i tried again, putting the wings on a rack in a roasting pan so the fat could drain. This time they came out somewhat crispy, but more of an unappetizing fleshy brown than a golden brown. Maybe they just need more time? Next time I'll try tossing them in baking soda as recommend earlier in the thread, but I'm curious why they cook so differently than the whole chicken. I was expecting them to be even more crispy since they weren't attached to main mass of the chicken.

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                        Not baking soda. Baking POWDER. Follow the recipe, this is one where you trust the science.

                      2. The key to my wings is an initial blast of hi heat (450 degrees) then turn the heat down for a long slow bake. Only a little flavoring, vinegar, soy for the first half hour. A lot of liquid comes off and I drain this off. Then add the rest of the real sauce. Baste and turn wings every half hr. Wings tell u when they're done, meat almost falls off the bone. Do ahead. To serve put under the broiler to crisp up the skin and heat for serving. Better than any fried wing. Soy, ketchup, honey, siracchi or any other "heat", pineapple juice, terriyaki, garlic, a little eeoo, salt and pepper