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Will my pizza dough keep overnight?

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I've made pizza dough for the first time, using a Marcella Hazan recipe. It's had its 3-hour rise, and now I don't have time to cook it tonight. Can I keep it in the fridge until tomorrow? If yes, what do I do? Do I put it in the fridge as it is, or punch it down first? And tomorrow, do I need to leave it to rise again (only one rise in the recipe)?

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  1. Put it in a well oiled bag and it'll be fine. It's rise in the refrigerator slowly. Just bring to room temperature before stretching out.

    1. Yes, punch it down first. You can let it rise as many times as you want. Dough is alive. The more the rise the finer the texture. Typically, you don't want a really fine textured pizza dough, so just take it out of the fridge and let it rest and warm up. Then stretch it out.
      I keep dough balls in the freezer for quick weekday pizza meals.

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        Pizza dough does defrost rather quickly and makes for a great, quick weeknight meal.

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          roll it out cold, cook cold. get thin crust. do opp if want thick.

          Keep it too many days in the fridge and it'll sour. still yummy!

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            Thanks. So I punch it down just once and then put it straight in the fridge? I don't need to knead it at all before putting in the fridge do I?

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              My husband makes dough on Tuesday for Friday's pizza. He never lets it rise before refrigerating it. Just roll it into a ball (makes it easier to shape later), oil it, and wrap it well. (We use oiled round Chinese take-out containers, cover the dough with plastic wrap, then put the lid on.)

              To bake, he takes the dough out of the fridge and lets it come up to room temperature before shaping, topping and baking. The only actual "rising" time is in the refrigerator.

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                I wouldn't punch it down unless you're looking for a very bready type crust.

                Every time you punch the dough down, you're making the crumb structure smaller...and by continually allowing it to 'rise', you're likely to overproof the dough, which will come out flat with little to no oven rise.

                I, personally, would portion the balls out (if you haven't already) then toss them right into the fridge AS IS, in individual containers. Tomorrow, pull them out onto the counter and let them sit for about 2 hours or until room temp.

                my .02

            2. the longer rising time will actually lead to more flavor