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Jan 21, 2011 09:04 AM

Szcheuwan/Cantonese chinese restaurant 'near' Aventura

Looking for a 'dine in' Chinese Restaurant with some Szcheuwan dishes on its menu... reasonable distance from/near Aventura. We are from Toronto and used to pretty good chinese food with choice in the different cuisines (Cantonese, Szcheuwan, Hunan, Hong Kong etc). Hopefully a local CH'er can suggest where to go...please & thanks...

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  1. The closest is either in New York or Houston....I not sure which. You will not find good chinese in Miami if you are used to good chinese from somewhere else, especially if it is authentic. Try cuban or latin food.

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      Oh no!!! We may have to wait until we go to our place in Jamaica..Ocho Rios is our other 'winter' home...there are several Chinese restaurants in town, mainly because there are lots of Chinese-Jamaicans who have settled there since the early days of migration plus a new group of immigrants from 'Mainland" a fair amount but mostly 'cantonese' food. As for Cuban/Latin, yes indeed we have been trying both spending our month here and discovering 'places' new to us....

    2. Having loved the Chinese food choices in Toronto, esp. Rol San on Spadina and eaten well in SF and NYC Chinatowns, I will recommend an authentic Chinese restaurant. King Palace at 330 NE 167th St., in North Miami Beach. They have wonderful BBQ pork and duck, nice hot pots, huge variety of soups, lots of noodle dishes and their shrimp with walnuts is one of the best shrimp dishes ever. Very big menu with many vegetarian choices. Service is good and their prices are fair. Their salt and pepper flounder is also excellent. Hope this helps.

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        This sounds like a 'winner'..just from your description husband and one of his good 'guy' friends go to "Rol San" for 'dim sum' on a regular basis for Saturday, I do my laundry on Saturdays and I'm not very flexible LOL!!!
        Thanks so much, we will try it tonight!!!

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          'rebus 1805'...
          thank you, thank you, thank you...KING PALACE was FABULOUS...and it most definately came as close to 'Toronto' style(s) as we had been looking to find here in this part of Florida. Probably the best 'singapore noodles' I've ever had, snow pea shoots with black mushrooms terrific, great hot & sour soup(different colour broth than we have at home..looked more like a 'beef' stock base because it was quite a dark colour...didn't matter 'tho because the 'taste' was right on...not killer hot or killer spicy but a good, tasty broth with all the right things in it!!! Lovely wait-staff, many Chinese diners present (always a good sign that food is not 'dumbed down' for western sensibility) We WILL BE BACK and will RECOMMEND to all of the Toronto 'snowbirds'..Let me know when you come back to visit in Toronto and we'll try to repay your kindness with our choices...!

          1. re: pearlD

            Very glad you enjoyed King Palace. Wish we had more of these authentic Asian eateries. I also love the snow pea tips, singapore noodles and the hot and sour. We like the dim sum at Hong Kong Noodle at 1242 NE 163rd St. in N. Miami Beach. Dreary atmosphere and no carts. But they have fried squid, Shanghai soup dumplings and plenty of other dumpling choices. Love the shrimp and cilantro dumplings. Also 5 or 6 congees. South side of the street and closer to Aventura.

            1. re: rebus1805

              We're back in Florida (Sunny Isles Beach this time), we went to KING PALACE just before the beginning of the Chinese New Year, my goodness, it was packed with multi-generational families celebrating...lots of 'huge' platters coming out of the kitchen and looking 'awesome'...sorry there were only 4 of us so we couldn't do justice to more food, that being said...'singapore noodles'..absolutely the best we've ever had, along with the snow pea tips..will go again before we leave for JA for more chinese (Cantonese basically, but adequately done). We went to 'Chef Phillip Ho's' for Dim Sum (16850 Collins Ave).. quite to very good, and comparable to Toronto's Rol San) They were most helpful to those customers who seemed a little 'anxious' which was nice to see (don't always see that at home lol!) It was , of course, more costly but we've been finding that prices are 'higher' on Collins (not a big surpise admittedly)..not sure we will go back but it was really close to us so I'm not ruling out another Dim Sum lunch before we fact, we may try having dinner there...have you been there yet?

              1. re: pearlD

                I've not been but have heard good things about dinner at Philip Ho as well.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  We did go to Chef Phillip Ho for dinner ( a small one, just for the two of us)..not impressive at all ...we had 'hot & sour' part of the meal...should have stopped at that...MaPo Tofu lots of good fresh Tofu but lacking some 'oompf', not quite bland but needed a little jump up, discenable spicing etc. Worst was, Lemon Chicken (my bad..was in a sweet n' sour kinda mood)...The chicken was 2 lovely size pounded breast with a Batter that looked lovely but was uncooked save for the top which had a lovely crunch, chicken itself was 'well cooked' ..tough as only a well cooked chicken can be and the Sauce was served on the side in a gravy boat...didn't help.....Husband had pork & shrimp dumpling has an 'app' while I had my soup....not nearly as good as we had had at Dim Sum.....
                  Will only return for Dim Sum....Back to King Palace before we leave for Jamaica.....
                  Will have Lemon Chicken is basically 'swimming' in sauce..not really authentic but serves that need for 'sweet n' sour' without the ubiquitous red sauce!!!

          2. re: rebus1805

            The bbq roast pork at King Palace was fantastic. I also enjoyed the stir fried silver fish, really nice textures. (pic below) The sauteed snow pea tips were great too. Boneless duck feet and duck tongues are going down next visit...

          3. That strip along 167th is the closest thing that we have to a Chinatown in S. Fl. My favorite Thai place is right up the street- Panya Thai. 520 NE 167th St. (bet. NE 5th & 6th Aves.) North Miami Beach, FL 33162.

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            1. re: dbarnard

              There is also a place called Litchie Gardens on Hallandale Beach Boulevard and US1 that has the best chinese BBQ ribs

              1. re: lulydonikian

                have not had the ribs there. But ate there 2x once at their old location once at the new to say anything was bad would mean to say that something had any taste at all. the blandest of the bland!

                1. re: Bigstu99

                  I have not had anything else only the fried rice which is o.k. but the ribs are really meaty, they fall off the bone and really tastey

                  1. re: Bigstu99

                    "luydonikian' & "Bigstu99" ......
                    I assume from the above two posts you're speaking of "Litchie Gardens' on Hallandale Beach Blvd? W'e're running out of time here so I think that if we go out for Chinese dinner before leaving for Jamaica it will be at "KING PALACE". On a different note we have gone for Japanese (with Thai also on the menu)..husband not as keen as me on Japanese food...Went to "ASIAN BAY" in Bay Harbour (?) was terrific...the absolute freshest and pristine sashimi, beautiful presentation as well as tasty.....will return there for certain, reasonable prices and excellent service.

                    1. re: pearlD

                      Try Makoto in the Bal Harbour Mall for the freshest sashimi and rolls. Their cooked dishes are wonderful and quite inventive.

                      1. re: dlgc

                        Why go there when Yakko San is on the way?

                        1. re: tpigeon

                          Yakko-San and Makoto are very different places.

                          Makoto's sushi is much better than Yakko-San's. With Naoe closed, Makoto, along with Sushi Deli, would be tops on my list for best sushi and sashimi.

                          Yakko-San has a much broader variety of cooked items than Makoto; Makoto has a shorter selection, and what they do is mostly more refined (and more expensive).

                          1. re: Frodnesor

                            I agree with Frodnesor, Yakko-San's it's a lot more creative, and it is not really a Sushi place, but Sushi Deli is great if you want sushi

                            1. re: Frodnesor

                              Pearl mentioned sashimi and japanese food (poster did not mention sushi). Given that, I would do Yakko San, especially because it is much closer to them.

                              Sushi Deli beats makoto for sushi and sashimi btw.

                2. Are there any Szechuan joints in SE FL? I couldn't find any, and the few Chinese restaurants I did find wouldn't ramp up the heat. Oh, they'd listen to you ask for it hot, and agree to serve it that way, but what they served you had minimal heat. The few Thai joints I'd found were the same way.

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                  1. re: aynrandgirl

                    Folks say Lung Gong does authentic Szechuan - I've not yet tried it ->

                    1. re: Frodnesor

                      A friend of mine who lives near Beijing also touts Lung Gong for Szechuan - he recommends the place as the go-to spot for hot pot. King Palace sounds good though and I'll have to make a visit there and also to Sunrise to visit the New York Market and the Chinese restaurant in the same strip mall.

                      But of all these places, King Palace is the closest to Aventura. Good call and thanks for the report.

                      1. re: mialebven

                        Hey you folks....'aynrandgirl', 'Frodnesor' and 'mialebven'....I am so sorry to be leaving soon as a visit to "LUNG GONG" seems to be in the cards for next year's stay in Florida...the review sounds fabulous, seriously wonderful. The 'distance' from here seems somewhat daunting (at this point in time)...we're from downtown Toronto and for going up to the nether reaches of Toronto for what is now...the absolute...I've been told, are 'now' the places to go in our town for the best and most authentic Chinese...we have a huge Chinese population and it's for the most part, where many Asians (Chinese, Japanese) are living/moving to...real estate in Toronto, particularly downtown is simply out of sight costwise for most of the 'lavish' Banquet Halls (weddings) and housing and restaurants etc are moving to our 'huge''s a trek that's for certain.....All this is 'my' lengthy way of saying , even 'tho LUNG GONG is not that far from us here..we've run out of time......sooo thanks most sincerely for 'sharing' your thoughts & places....all things being equal and well....we'll be back and Lung Gong will be one of our first Chinese meal destinations...
                        p.s. have a look at the Toronto CH is a very, very busy board...and most interesting to see some of the discussions & recommendations...