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Jan 21, 2011 09:02 AM

Po Boys in Baltimore???

As much as I love a Lake Trout sandwich sometimes it just doesn't satisfy my fried seafood sandwich needs. So any suggestions for a good po boy in the Baltimore/Annapolis area?

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  1. Not really a po boy, but Ryeligh's Oyster Bar does a fried oyster sandwich that's really excellent.

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      I guess I should add that the last time I went there they had changed the fried oyster sandwich from white bread to a roll that made it more of a po'boy. The change may have also allowed them to decrease the amount of oysters on it, but it's still a damned good sandwich. It's also still worth what they charge, but it's not a great value like it was before.

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        Thanks for the recommendation ... looks like just the place.

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          Let us know how Mac's Po Boy is. I had his gumbo recently and liked it.

        2. Clarence's out in Edgewood or wherever it is is worth checking out as well. Poboys plus a whole cajun/creole menu. Clarence used to cook at Coop's in the French Quarter.

          (the website is bad but the food is good)

          1. While maybe not super traditional, I do like the Po Boys from the Annapolis Seafood Markets, particularly the fried shrimp one.

            1. I had a sandwich at Kooper's Tavern in Fells once that they were calling a Catfish Poboy with a remoulade sauce. Would a NOLA native consider it a poboy? Prolly not. But it was a damn fine sandwich. As far as pub grub goes that place does a nice job, I think. Tasty.

              Kooper's Tavern
              1702 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231