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Jan 21, 2011 08:39 AM

Gourmet Vegetarian Tacos - Tonight

I'm preparing tacos for some vegetarian guest tonight. Can you guys give me some ideas/products/specific places to help me out?

I called Antonelli's, and I'm going to look at their cheeses. The have a french "melting cheese" that sounded perfect, but their entire stock is reserved.

I likes those HEB raw tortillas that we previously spoke of. Any great fresh tortillias in N Central Austin that you know of?

I'm going to do poblano, some sort of beans, various other veggies....can't think of anything "different" and need your help here.

I'm going to Central market to get some salsa and to see if there's other sauces available.

I'm working today, so my brain isn't feeling too creative.

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  1. Go to Tortilleria Rio Grande for feather light fresh corn tortillas (and dirt cheap). It is near the intersection of E. Braker and I-35. Then driver over to HEB on Parmer and I-35 for all your goods.

    HEB has good queso oaxaca for a melty cheese. Also you can pick up crema mexicana as a garnish, say for refried bean tacos garnished with cream. I like HEB red salsa fresca in the vegetable section and also Jacala brand salsa in a jar.

    I do stuff like black olives (gourmet black olives) and queso fresco, roasted rajas de poblano with melted queso oaxaca, julienned veg or mushroom tacos, tacos of avocado strips with sauteed onions seasoned with lime and garnished with cilantro, fried potato chunk and garbanzo bean tacos, break up a Morning star breakfast patty vegetarian sausage, brown well in pan, add on a table spoon or so of jarred salsa and let this dry out on the browned ground Morning Star patty and you have a nice filling for faux-sausage taco, add melty cheese on top or go without, top with vinegar seasoned onions and fresh cilantro. If your friends eat eggs you can do migas, eggs and potato, eggs and morning star patty, etc.

    I dunno that this is gourmet but it would be fun for a 'build your own' type dinner party.

    Have fun with your guests!

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      Tortilleria Rio Grande is where luckyfatima is referring to. I agree their tortillas are excellent and they also have some very good salsa's. I'm drooling over the taco ideas above.

    2. This might be crazy, but the thing that popped into my head were breaded, fried chile relleno tacos. Of course, I like stuff, stuffed with stuff.

      1. Do you like corn tortillas? If so, pick up some El Milagro tortillas at CM or El Rancho grocery store. Don't get the white corn, just the plain (yellow). If you go to El Rancho, their flour tortillas are definitely good enough if you have tasty stuff to put inside them. I'm not a huge fan of the HEB uncooked, but now I'm anxious to try the place that luckyfatima suggests.

        El Rancho
        608 E Polk St, Burnet, TX 78611

        1. I like the veggie tacos at Takoba. They put chipoltle mayo and cubed, roasted sweet potatoes on theirs (along with squash, corn, poblanos, and zucchini). I never had sweet potatoes on tacos before and I really like the sweet element mixed with the heat of the chiles.

          1. Thanks so much for the quick help, everyone. I made my list and I'm off to the store!

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              i was gonna say soyrizo...but too late! =)

              1. re: NirvRush

                Again, thanks so much for all of your help. I ended up copping-out a bit....going with a few more prepared products than I normally would stomach.

                Central Market helped. It was 4:30, and the guest were coming at 6:15. They had one package of fresh Oaxacan cheese left, or I'd have been out of options. It had that nice nutty, melty quality that I like. I scooped up fresh salsa (was okay, not fabulous), corn salsa (as good as I could have made myself), and a poblano avocado salsa (very good). They also had several kinds of fresh, flour tortillas. I picked up the "butter" and "southwestern" tortillas. Toasted on my comal (actually just a cast iron flat skillet), they were way more than passable. Since we had limited guests, I didn't buy corn tortillas to supplement, but I did eyeball the el Milagro ones that eligonz suggested.

                I had every intention of frying the rellenos as Craenor described, but ran out of time. I used many of luckyfatimas tricks, including the rajas, morning star sausage (olive oil and old-school taco seasoning from McCormick), cilantro, onions. I also did a slaw for crunch (CM had a prepared slaw for just over $1), and a quick mexican stir fy of zuchinni and mushrooms. Supplemented with a caneleni refried bean/spanish paprika concoction. I even got olives from Phonecia when I was picking up the beans (cans of canelini are only $1.25 there).

                I did a separate trip to HEB for produce, thinking theat CM was more expensive. It turns out that the prices weree at least comparable, FYI.

                So, again, thanks for all your help. The dinner was a success, thanks to your suggestions. The wife even complained that there were "too many choices!" Poor thing!

                Central Market
                4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX 78745