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Jan 21, 2011 07:58 AM

Where do you go for Greek in Vancouver?

A sidelight on a recent post and a conversation at a Chowdown last night moves me to ask this question. It's been years since I've had decent Greek food here and I feel I've kind of given up trying to find it. Anybody care to inspire me to take up the fight again? I'm not inspired by a place like Stephos...

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    1. re: fmed

      That was the sidelight I was referring to in the linked thread. It is definitely on my list but I'm more interested in places that Hounds have found reliable and tasty over the years. All my old standbys seem to have disappeared or gone downhill. I'd love to find a place that does really good souvlaki or Greek-style falafel in pita with good fries on the side for a lunch option. As an example, there was one years ago near Broadway and MacDonald that reminded me of places on the Danforth in TO where you could get that kind of simple, relatively inexpensive food.

      1. re: grayelf

        Ah - I didn't jump to that link. Yeah - I'm interested too!

        1. re: grayelf

          I remember that place, GE. Right between the Petro Can and New Apple Farm market ? It was a small place. And I recall having a fantastic liver & onions, prolly the best I've had to date.

          Greek food in Vancouver is now so prosaic, a real decline in the past 20 years.

          I need to go try Nu.

      2. Just like you, grayelf, I have given up on Greek Food in Vancouver since it all seems the same to me, nothing new or exciting.

        Is what we see at Vancouver Greek restaurants, really what Greek people eat at home? Lemon potatoes, rice and some type of roasted meat?

        However, when my friends crave Greek we usually go to Cristos or Sfinaki's in North Burnaby. I prefer Cristos over Sfinaki's.

        1. great post. i too love to hear what others think.
          i cant even think of any good options. seems like the menu is always the same.
          there must be more ....

          didnt the place on west broadway with the retail store use to have whole roasted lamb on the spit.
          and the was the greek food days on boundary.

          1. bouysous on commercial drive is really good, i dont think i spelled it right though, its at commercial btwn 2nd and 3rd ....yummmy

            1. I definately find the food hit and miss at most Greek places in Vancouver but two of the dishes I love are:

              - the Sweet Basil Spareribs at Simpatico on West 4th (between Vine & Yew)
              - the Greek ribs (lemon and herb rubbed, dry cooked, not saucy) at Olympia Pizza.

              They both come with the ubiquitous rice, potatoes and greek salad (Olympia's "sides" seem a bit better than Simpatico) but the meat on both is wonderful.

              Sweet Basil Cafe
              36 E 4th, Vancouver, BC V5T1E8, CA

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              1. re: islandgirl

                The keftedes (meatballs) at Maria's Taverna (W.4th) are particularly good.

                I love roast lamb shoulder. Kalamata used to be #1 in my books, but no longer after their move and renovations.

                1. re: islandgirl

                  islandgirl, have you been to Simpatico's since the renos? I used to go there for a couple of their Greek pizzas (I know, I know) but not much else. I haven't been to Olympia in yonks and it's close to home, maybe I'll give it a try again.

                  I think I went off Maria's because they serve whole wheat pita :-). At any rate, perhaps a revisit for the kefte.

                  I guess I was kinda hoping for a rec on a place that did more than one thing really well. Makes it tough to take other people if you have to say "only order this one dish" if ya know what I mean...

                  1. re: grayelf

                    We've been to Simpatico twice since the renos. The menu and food quality are still the same and the staff is all familiar. Their pizza is nice with the whole wheat crust (something a little different). As mentioned, I love their Sweet Basil Spareribs but have also enjoyed their Roast Chicken and the Hunter Chicken (can't remember the menu name but it has peppers and mushrooms in the sauce), and both the Roast and Rack of Lamb are yummy too. My husband enjoys the baked pastas. I wouldn't recommend the Calamari (tends to be too well-done/over cooked for my liking and sometimes greasy) and the dips come with sort of French bread instead of pita which is just weird IMO.

                    At Olympia we've been enjoying their pizzas and as I mentioned the Greek Ribs were yummy the other night. My husband had the 1/2 roast chicken and baked lasagna which both smelled wonderful. I noticed some reviewers on other websites have commented on poor service and long wait times but we haven't experienced that in the half dozen times we've been. Maybe only large groups run into this?

                    1. re: islandgirl

                      Great, both are near me so I will have to revisit and report :-).