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Jan 21, 2011 07:26 AM

Bar/Restaurant to Watch the Packers?

Hi all-
Does anyone know of a Packers friendly bar in the SD Area that is NOT the Aussie Bar? Aussie is disgusting and vile and most importantly, the first thing the new management did was throw out all of the Packers items decorating the walls. And they expect Packers fans to still flock there??

I've run some searches but all other Packers-friendly bars that show up appear to have closed long ago.



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  1. from SignOnSD..

    Green Bay Packers: Australian Pub, Kelly's Pub - Old Town, Cass Street Bar & Grill

    1. I think there was a place in PB still..Shore Club?

      That might just be a Wisconsin Badgers-friendly place, not sure.

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        1. re: Island

          Thanks everyone! I'm off to Beachwood then. FYI - I called Cass and they are no longer a Packers bar.

          GO PACK GO!

          1. re: Island

            Too late to help you yesterday, but Beachwood is definitely the spot. Aaron Rodgers owns the place and I think his brother runs it.

            1. re: DougOLis

              Beachwood most certainly was the spot! Packed (get it?) to the gills with green and gold. Was fantastic! The bartenders on the first floor were kind and organized and the food wasn't terrible (for a bar swamped with drunk cheeseheads).

              Can't wait for the Superbowl! There was a rumor they are trying to do a pre-game tailgate on the top floor or outside but who know if that will happen (I guess city permits are involved.....)

              GO PACK!