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Jan 21, 2011 07:01 AM

Dinner for group of 80 in Old Town (family reunion)?

Hi - anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant (not a hotel) that would accommodate 80 people in Old Town? We're hosting a family reunion in June and would like to find something within walking distance of our hotel on King Street. Looking for something in the $40-50pp range. Is there anything (other than the Chart House) that might meet our needs? Thanks!

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  1. Columbia Firehouse on St. Asaph and Morrison House on Alfred Street come to mind.

    1. A friend held her son's rehearsal dinner at Gatsby's Tavern a few years ago and was pleased. Their website has group function sample menus and pricing.

      1. Le Bergerie might work. 80 is alot of people, though. The city tourist office in Old Town might be able to help, call them.