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Jan 21, 2011 06:55 AM

The Village Belle

Has anyone been here yet? I was thinking of checking it out tonight.

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  1. I did end up trying it that night and wouldn't recommend it. The only thing I had that I'd eat again was the crespelle dish, but overall, avoid this place. The meatball sliders (which aren't on the menu, you have to ask for them, give me a break) were on rolls so dense the meatball was squished when I bit into it, and the meatballs were nothing special anyway. The "beet & chevre napoleon" is listed on the menu with those words in large type, then underneath, in smaller font "arugula salad, walnuts, balsamic". I took that to mean I'd be getting a napoleon with some greens involved somehow. Instead it was a salad with the four quarters of a truly miniscule napoleon (literally 4 round beet slices with chevre in between, served so cold as to be flavorless) banished to the corners of the plate. I had the sausage ravioli as well, the filling was nice but the pasta was dense to the point of chewy.

    The atmosphere and service don't help either. I don't know if they do this every night but I was there on a Monday and there was a live singer and the volume was set *way* too loud, I had trouble being heard by the server. The annoying new trend of the server showing you the bottle and pouring a taste of wine *when you order by the glass* is in effect, when I said "just go ahead and pour, thanks" I got shortchanged by an ounce or so compared to my dining companion. There is a big empty space in the middle of the room and yet the tables were still too close together to get up without bumping the people sitting behind you.

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      I do not recommend this place. I was not impressed by the food and it was so loud. I had the crespelle and it was dry. The best part of the meal was leaving and having icecream at Franklin Fountain. My husband had the scallop entree and everything was over cooked.