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Jan 21, 2011 05:27 AM

Salt + Pepper - Passyunk

Walked past the new Salt + Pepper on Passyunk Ave the other day (at the former Rosalena's Cafe location). It seemed bustling inside and piqued my interest since I did have a few good meals at the one at 6th and Fitzwater a few years ago. Has a bigger and revamped menu (which I'm assuming comes alongside a new chef?). Has anyone tried it yet? Thoughts?

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  1. I tried it the week after they opened, had one very good dish (the coq au vin), one good one (onion soup), and a couple middling ones. I also had a great meal when they were on 6th St. and John DeSantis was the chef, but the chef is different now and I think there may have been another chef in between DeSantis and the current one. I'd go back but would probably order differently next time, and of course Fond is only two doors down and is a lot better (though a little more expensive and harder to get into).

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      I went back to Salt + Pepper this week and liked it more this time. They have a $16 steak frites that is excellent for the price, and mine was cooked absolutely perfectly medium-rare. I also tried the tuna sashimi appetizer, that was good too but pretty heavy on the soy sauce and wasabi dressing, a lighter touch with the dressing would have improved it a lot. They have their liquor license now so you can get wine by the glass (the entire wine list is the same price, $8/glass, $40/bottle, I kind of like that), but apparently they are still BYO with no corkage on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and BYO with corkage Thursday-Saturday.