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Jan 21, 2011 02:45 AM

Singapore - Feb 6-8

Going to Singapore for business in early February. I will have all day Sunday and then afternoons on Monday and Tuesday before departing for Hong Kong. I have read about the Hawker stands so was wondering if someone could recommend the best one for lunch on Sunday. Also, I would appreciate 2 restaurant recommendations for dinners on Sunday and Monday nights. I'm looking for something on the higher end and unique to Singapore (local famous chef) to really get the experience. To give you some quick background, I'm from NYC and a foodie and have eaten at the likes of all the famous NYC chefs as well as Tetsuya Wakuda in Sydney.

Thanks in advance for the help.

PS - If you have any suggestions for Hong Kong, those are welcome as well!

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  1. For hawker, try WEE NAM KEE chicken rice at Novena area.
    As for higher end dining, you have to chck out The Wild Rocket, the only restaurant to serve modern Singapore cuisine.
    Another 'not to be missed' experience is to book yourself at table at Andre Restaurant. It is located next to New Majestic Hotel. However, they only have 30 tables and has a 1-month wait list.. If you can't get yourself a table, Gunther's is excellent too.

    Evelyn Chen

    1. For high-end dining (with a view to match), try Sky on 57. It's helmed by Singapore's best -known chef, Justin Quek. Its menu features local Singaporean dishes given a French twist. The restaurant is situated atop the iconic tri-tower Marina Bay Sands.

      For hawker centers, it's a toss-up between Maxwell Road Food Center and the Old Airport Road Food Center - the two highest-ranked in town. But be mindful of the heat & humidity as these hawker centers are not air-conditioned, and Singapore's weather can be sauna-like!

      Let us know if you have any further specific questions.

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