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Madrid weekend

rmalonoski Jan 20, 2011 09:30 PM

Will be spending a work week in Madrid and will have the weekend free. Looking for: 1) suggestions in Madrid for lunch and dinner (looking for 4 different places between both sat and sun); 2) any suggestions for restaurants known for their paella or seafood ; 3) will be staying in the Silken Hotel on the Calle Josefa Valcarcel very near the airport and am looking for dinner suggestions in that area. While I have traveled throughout much of Europe - this will be my first trip to Spain and Madrid. Any suggestions will be appreciated

  1. Chinon00 Jan 28, 2011 03:19 AM

    La Paella de la Reina. We ate every last single grain.


    1. r
      rrems Jan 21, 2011 06:19 PM

      Casa d'a Troya for Galician seafood. Fabulous. For lunch the tapas bar Estado Puro on Paseo del Prado is excellent and very reasonably priced.

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      1. re: rrems
        MOREKASHA Jan 22, 2011 04:51 PM

        When were you last @ Troya? I was there back in 2001, it was nice but w/the schlep we thought Comarro was better. Did I miss soemthing? Though the house Albarino @ Combarro is my fave.

        1. re: MOREKASHA
          rrems Jan 22, 2011 06:44 PM

          We were there this past October. I have never heard of Comarro so can't compare. Though it was a bit difficult to find and the taxi driver did not have a clue despite my detailed directions, we felt it was worth it.

          1. re: rrems
            MOREKASHA Jan 23, 2011 05:56 AM

            Yeah it's out in Cuidad Lineal(?), I reember it's the only Gallego place to have a Michelin star. Combarro was in Barrio Salamanca, it's got a new name now. A little fou fou but they make alovely empanada, more along the lines of Jewish Strudel. But then again, Gallego places in Madrid are everywhere, just have to find one that rocks your boat..

            1. re: MOREKASHA
              rrems Jan 23, 2011 07:25 AM

              Actually, I had noticed it in the first place because it had a Michelin star and yet it was not expensive. Then I got the current Michelin and saw that it had lost its star. I was concerned at first but asked a reliable friend in Spain and was assured that there was no problem and we should definitely try it. I can't imagine why they lost the star.

              1. re: rrems
                MOREKASHA Jan 23, 2011 08:24 AM

                Who knows, I noticed the star too and the locale so I figured it was better than average, it is. We got a warm welcome and crown was strictly locale. I really like Gallego food. it's a shame that in Madrid getting real Gallego bread is hard. In Galicia you get you can feast on Empanada in the land that gave birth to it, atun, ventresca, merzula etc...

                1. re: MOREKASHA
                  arobmadrid Jan 24, 2011 02:16 AM

                  What's Comarro's new name Morekasha?

                  1. re: arobmadrid
                    butterfly Jan 24, 2011 03:50 AM

                    Combarro is still in existence. It's at Reina Mercedes, 12. The same group runs a second new location (now about five years old) Sanxenxo at José Ortega y Gasset, 40.

                    1. re: butterfly
                      MOREKASHA Jan 24, 2011 04:52 AM

                      www.combarro.com/ Restaurant Sanxenxo is the "new" name of the Combarro location I've been to in barrio Salamanca. From what I've heard just the name has changed nothing else. Just a warning, it aint cheap (especially the mariscos as everywhere in Spain). Their Albarino, Valdamor is quite lovely and very reasonably priced.

                      1. re: MOREKASHA
                        arobmadrid Jan 26, 2011 02:46 AM

                        Thank you both - they both look spectacular. I have a friend coming this weekend who wants to splurge on fish and oysters.
                        Checked out the menu in English for him to look at - it's hilarious; snuff with sauce of hedgehogs;wild turbot to the oven on a bed of potatoes to poor - he's going to wonder where the hell I'm taking him. I'm definitely trying the lamprey; always wanted to; if I don't die from a surfeit, I'll post again!

                        1. re: arobmadrid
                          MOREKASHA Jan 26, 2011 01:04 PM

                          I've always loved the Merluza (Hake) a la gallega or the lenguado (sole) a la plancha (on the grill). But...it's been at least 4 years since I've been there, however their Albarino is stil ltops. O'Grove @ c/Fenan Gonzalez 54 in Barrio Retiro is a nice (not super duper but nice) Gallego place that the locals go to. They have a small dining room behind the bar. Prices are moderate and I've had some nice simple fish there. In fact Retiro is a good palce to Tapas hop, it doesnt get as crowded as La Latina, or Mayor or other ghoods and the crowds are 99% local. I have a pal who lives i nthe hood and in the 5-6 times I've visited her I dont think I've ever seen another tourist in any of the places in Retiro....

                          1. re: MOREKASHA
                            arobmadrid Jan 26, 2011 02:26 PM

                            After 7 years living in La Latina, I never go there now honestly - I overdosed. Sunday we're going to La Mina on C/Alvarez de Castro for some gambas a la plancha and a few vermuts, then going down C/Ponzano, near where I live now. Lots of tavernas; no tourists; great for el tapeo - have you been round there?
                            I like merluza too, but I have it all the time; taking your rec on the Albariño at Sanxenxo though xx

                            1. re: arobmadrid
                              MOREKASHA Jan 26, 2011 03:22 PM

                              Silly me, I didnt notice that you live in Madrid. Sh*t, my pals ttook me to that area, we had some nice dishes @ Alioppo, Los Vidales + Retinto. Cant remember which places are which but we dug that little area.

                              Have you been to Los Asturianos on c/Vallehermoso. We went one Sun night, very warm, the main dishes looked great. Sadly we had a giant lunch (2 of 'em) so we only had tapas and chatos and have wanted to back ever since. The abuela was there and the idea of grandmas' fabada just makes my heart flutter.

                              1. re: MOREKASHA
                                arobmadrid Jan 27, 2011 11:56 PM

                                Thanks for that tip - checked it out and it looks amazing; croquetas de cabrales and fabes con almejas ( which is my favourite) mmm. Will be paying a visit to Los Asturianos for sure.

                                1. re: arobmadrid
                                  MOREKASHA Jan 28, 2011 04:27 PM

                                  They specialize in wine and sherry. Ther'e's soem sort of blurb about them 2-3 years ago in Metrolpli about them have a long lost cask of unknown origin sherry...

                                  1. re: arobmadrid
                                    arobmadrid Jan 31, 2011 05:39 AM

                                    We went to Sanxenxo - the Albariño was as excellent as you said. We had navajas and scallops Gallego style (with an amazing sauce that featured a lot of pimenton and caramalized onions. I then had raya (skate) which I love, but hadn't had fror years - so delicious; the texture was perfect. My friend had bass, baked in salt - all gorgeous.

                                    1. re: arobmadrid
                                      MOREKASHA Jan 31, 2011 08:15 AM

                                      Oh my, now I am so jealous.

        2. j
          JuanDoe Jan 21, 2011 12:20 AM

          O'Pazo at Calle Reina Mercedes 20. Shellfish and seafood.
          Casa Rafa at Calle Narvaez 68. Shellfish and seafood. Open on Sunday.
          Casa Benigna at Calle Benigno Soto 9. Paella.
          Dantxari at Calle Ventura Rodriguez 8. Basque cuisine. Rec: alubias de Tolosa (red beans from Tolosa), bacalao (cod).
          La Taberna de Juan at Calle Arturo Soria 2. Andalusian cuisine. Rec: bienmesabe (fish marinated and then fried), pescaito frito (fried fish), gambas (shrimp), chuletillas de lechazo (baby lamb chops).
          Taberna de la Daniela at Plaza de Jesús 7 (behind the Westin Palace). Rec: cocido (typical Madrilenian chickpea stew).
          La Posada de la Villa at Calle Cava Baja 9. Castilian cuisine. Open for luncheon on Sunday.
          Near the Silken America: Tamara at Avenida de America 33. recs: excellent menestra (vegetable stew), pisto (ratatouille), merluza (hake).

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