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Jan 20, 2011 08:42 PM

Looking for Charlie Trotter secret offer or special someone posted. Also, how's Carne-Vino?

Hello Vegas people and Vegas lovers!

Coming back end of Feb Love it!

Someone posted about a special at Charlie Trotters. Said it was best deal in town. Anyone know what it is.

Also, can someone tell me how good Carne Vino is? I have heard crazy stuff like the meat has an almost smoky ham taste and that the beef is unlike any beef I would of had prior to eating there!

So pumped for more Vegas. Once a year was the standard but now wifey has a work convention and guess who is tagging along after a few days of her getting settled? KING CHUBBERS!!!!! (that's me!)

Can't wait to drink beer for hours at Main Street Station's excellent brew pub! Walking around Freemont with excellent craft beer in my hands just struttin and people watching. Can't wait! I love Vegas!!!!!!!

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  1. Charlie Trotter's restaurants closed for business last year.

    1. I think you might be referring to the Charlie Palmer Cut of the Week special. It's a prixe fixe menu for $48 and includes Bottomless wine pairings. Here's a link to their website where you can find what the special of the week is.

      I haven't had it, but it sounds terrific! Have fun in Vegas.

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      1. re: kayoshi

        I have, and it's the best deal in Vegas.

      2. I ate at Carne Vino in November and was not impressed. The food wasn't bad, some of it quite good esp. the meat but I thought the waitstaff was very poor and not attentive. The atmosphere was lacking considering other steak house options like CUT. For the price given the service and ambience I would not return. Some people really like this place. I went hoping I would be someone who liked it but I left disappointed.

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        1. re: Scott M

          Thanks everybody.
          I appreciate all the feedback. Goin to look at charlie palmer's special in depth. Thank you!

          Also much appreciation on Carnevino feedback. I will check out Cut. I usually go old school like Golden Steer or Circus Circus or Binion's. I used to dig AJ's at the Hard Rock back when the restaurant boom had recently hit and AJ's was top notch. It fell down the ladder over the years it seemed. Hit Craftsteak as well last year, it was great but and they gave us a killer table overlooking the whole room (i asked for a table that might not have us hearing our neighbors conversation and vice versa, i know sometimes at modern steakhouses you are on top of each other...anyhow they hooked us up real nice!) but perhaps I get a new place under my belt. I love Vegas.

          Thank you everybody. I can't describe the feeling I get and the energy when I am there-what a vibe! Love it!

          Golden Steer
          308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

          Hard Rock Cafe
          4475 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

          1. re: mcegielski

            "Rare 120" is the latest incarnation of AJs.

            1. re: skaboy

              Rare 120 is offering 50% all food on Monday nights.

              Rare 120°
              4455 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89169

              1. re: westie

                i know it's in the same space but it does not have the look or old school vibe that aj's once had....i am sure that food is great though.....

            2. re: mcegielski

              I would not give up on Carnevino just yet! I ate there a few days ago with my wife and son, and the dry-aged bone-in ribeye was the very best steak I have ever tasted--and I have sampled quite a few. In fact, I dined at both Santa Fe Station's Charcoal Room and Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse within two weeks of my venture to Carnevino. Both served excellent steaks--but not on a par with what Carnevino produced. The same is true of
              an earlier venture to Golden Steer. Carnevino's ribeye yielded deep, pleasing bursts of flavor that is difficult to describe in words, and the pasta that preceded it (potato gnocchi bolognese and pappardelle noodles with a delicate mushroom sauce) was very clean-tasting and refined. I am seriously considering returning for lunch there soon just to savor the pasta again. One can only eat steak so often before the cholesterol level will rebel! Complimentary doughy cheese puff balls were an appreciated amuse-bouche from the chef. But I still prefer butter on my warm bread to offered lardon. Bearnaise sauce was excellent; gorgonzola mascarpone less so only because its strong flavor tended to dominate rather than harmonize with the meat. Warm apple fritters with vanilla bean and chocolate gelato topped off a great meal. I was glad we followed our server's valuable tip: 2 orders of dry-aged bone-in ribeye netted about 40 ounces of meat, which was more than adequate to well feed 3 diners-especially with 2 pastas and 2 sides to share. I caution all steak lovers, while in Vegas, to not make the mistake of missing out on a memorable meal at Carnevino!

              Golden Steer
              308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

              CarneVino Italian Steakhouse - Palazzo Hotel
              3325 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

              Charcoal Room
              4949 North Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130