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Jan 20, 2011 07:53 PM

The Chocolate Gallery Cafe - Warren, MI

Has anybody eaten at The Chocolate Gallery Cafe in Warren? It made the WDIV Best of list for breakfast. I trust the opinion of Chowhounders much more than a general vote. I know it is only open Thurs - Sun. It sounds interesting but would love to hear from anyone that has been there!! Thanks

Chocolate Gallery Cafe
3672 Chicago Rd, Warren, MI 48092

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  1. I've tried going there, but due to their erratic/strange schedule, every time I've attempted to eat there, they've been closed of course. Not that it's necessarily unfair, mind you: they do post their hours blatantly, and they're entitled to open or close whenever they please, as long as they're consistent. Still, it can be frustrating when you're making the effort to give them your business.

    I've *heard* good things, but just like you, I don't have any firsthand knowledge, nor am I personally friends with anyone who has it, either. The place is *really* small/hidden, and blink-and-you'll-miss-it-esque. I hope you can tell me if the reputation is well-founded or not!

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      Only ate there once, maybe 2 years ago, and the only reason I haven't been back is I'm seldom in that neighborhood when they're open. My (now slightly fuzzy) recollection: not promising from the outside - small strip mall around the corner from a (then) abandoned gas station; tiny storefront, just a handful of tables. Very friendly but not overbearing service. I had one of the daily specials, called something like eggs caliente - ordered because I saw someone get it at the next table. My co-diner had pancakes, iirc. Both were very good. They're also famous for their baked goods /sweets, but didn't get a chance to try any. Well worth a visit if you're at all nearby.

    2. The Chocolate Gallery is pretty good and the people are super nice. The owner got cancer 8(?) or so years back, but she survived, and I think this is why they don't have aggressive hours and marketing.
      There are almost no great breakfast places in Metro Detroit, so this place seems good compared to the weak competition. I'd put it on the level of Fly Trap (very dependent on which dish is ordered), or a slight cut below. One specialty is The Chocolate Gallery's stuffed french toast, but I don't go for extreme sweets. Note--it's been a couple years since I've visited.

      Chocolate Gallery Cafe
      3672 Chicago Rd, Warren, MI 48092

      Fly Trap Restaurant
      22950 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220

      1. Today was the day...we finally made it to Chocolate Gallery Cafe!! What a hidden little gem! The place is definitely small and very understated but WOW ..the food and service was excellent! I ordered Eggs Benedict and my wife ordered the Apple Pecan French Toast with a side of bacon.

        It's strange how many places cannot make Eggs Benedict correctly but CGC certainly has it mastered. It's not a huge portion and is served with potatoes. The eggs were perfect and the potatoes were delightfully cruchy, peppery and oniony. I have been known to consume more at breakfast but I would much rather have a smaller portion of wonderful food then an enormous plate of so-so breakfast.

        Normally I am not a sweet breakfast eater but when I looked at my wife's plate I have to say I could have scarffed that down too. A huge plate of french toast with tons of fresh apples cooked to perfection and an abundance of toasted pecans. She didn't add any syrup, I think it would have made the dish way too sweet but with the side of bacon, the sweetness and salty flavors were just right.

        I, of course, had enough room to try one of their award winning desserts. Chocolate raspberry Cheesecake. It was dense, chocolately and excellent. My wife didn't love it because she thought it needed a more pronounced raspberry or at least an accompanying raspberry sauce. So...more for me!!

        The service was absolutely outstanding! The owners were onsite and very friendly and seemed to know everyone that walked in the door. The greeted us warmly and chatted with us as we waited a short time for our meals.

        It's definitely not the place to go if you are looking for a big, cheap and ok tasting breakfast. It's a little on the pricey side but well worth it.

        We will definitely be back VERY soon. The menu itself is not extensive but the Specials Board is impressive.

        Chocolate Gallery Cafe
        3672 Chicago Rd, Warren, MI 48092

        1. My GF and I had breakfast there this morning after a coin flip between here and the Breakfast club in Madison Heights.

          Interesting place. Its in this itty bitty strip-mall. We actually drove by and had to circle around. Deco is.. what you'd expect at your grandma's house. Service is like molasses in every way. Super sweet and super slow.

          Food: we ordered the Kielbasa omelette and Corned Beef Hash. My Hash came with scrambled eggs. They were both.. decent. Her omelette is somewhat untraditional Its a thick, dense moon of eggs with melted cheese on top. But not gooey melted cheese, more like... a matted layer of prior cheese, then left to congeal. Large chunks of green pepper, and onions (instead of finely minced), and honestly, too few pieces of kielbasa. My Hash platter was very... decent. The scrambled eggs were scrambled eggs. The Hash was also .. decent. Pretty large pieces of potatoes, good corned beef, lots of onions. Its probably personal preference, but I thought the onion ratio was too high, corned beef too low, and the potatoes cut too big.

          A decent breakfast. Would I trek over there again? Maybe not, but I'd eat there if I'm in the neighborhood. I'd imagine their sweets are much better than their savories.