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Jan 20, 2011 07:47 PM


How is it? My sister randomly pulled this suggestion out her of ass and wants to go there for her birthday. I'm more than willing to do whatever she wants...but what should I expect? A simple google search comes up with decent reviews, though there are several complaints I've read that make me raise an eyebrow. Is a reservation REALLY necessary if we go on a weekday?

Nakato Japanese Restaurant
1776 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

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  1. This is my hubby's family's traditional spot for birthdays - they've been doing it since they were kids, because of course kids love the show. You don't need a weeknight reservation. The sushi is pretty good considering it's mostly a hibachi place, so go ahead and order some if you're tempted but don't go for sushi alone. I would call it the best hibachi option in town, but that said, I'm not a big hibachi fan. I usually get hibachi scallops and they don't turn them to rubber like others do, but it's not my ideal way to cook a scallop. My husband LOVES it and always gets shrimp & steak. Don't spring for filet because they cook the heck out of the meat and they do turn the lobster to a hunk of rubber so don't order that either. Otherwise, taking it for what it is, it's not a bad choice for your sister's birthday.

    1. We've been going to Nakato for over 10 years and we do like to make it a destination for special occasions. Like jboeke, i'm not a hibachi fan. The building is separated half for hibachi and half for dining (including sushi). I would recommend reservation only if you would like to use one of their tatami rooms mainly because it includes a specially prepared appetizer. It's definitely in the more traditional Japanese style. You'll be met by a portrait of the family matriarch in the lobby, see changes in artwork and dishes with the season, and receive fairly traditional service in the tatami rooms. I think one of my favorite visits was during the annual spring cherry festival (then held at Stone Mountain) where the Japanese drummers showed up for dinner in the tatami room and, after a few bottles of sake had entered their room, started up spontaneous drum performances. As for the food, you'll get no complaints from me. On a slow night, eat at the sushi bar, get to know the chefs and whatever tasty tidbits they might have hidden back there.

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        Thanks for the comments. I am not a fan of Hibachi at all (I've had one too many shrimps tossed at my face in suburban Hibachi restaurants...not my idea of a good it doesn't lend itself well to conversation when there is more than one person)...we WILL be sitting in the regular dining room, though the sushi bar is also an option.

        Again, thank you.