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Jan 20, 2011 07:04 PM

food around Eustis, Mt. Dora or anywhere north of Orlando

I will be visiting central Florida and I want to eat some local specialties. I like barbecue, seafood and lots of different kinds of ethnic foods. The hotter the better. I would love some suggestions.

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  1. well you came to the right place jay,, But be prepared to have some new experiences as far as local food is concerned. Local lake county is sometimes backwoods and not for your froofy types. However what is reccommended will be good to the tounge and stomach!
    If you really want local and don't want to dive too far Try Zellies in Mt. Dora on hwy 19. If you eat local in central florida be prepared for some grease as in greasy fried pickles, zellies also has fried catfish but I would stick to their homemade soups and fried chicken wings. This place is pretty real they also serve fresh roasted peanuts where you just throw the shells on the floor.
    As far as ethnic,,tavares seems to be gaining traction,,,I tried Basil cafe a month ago,, This place is authentic jamaican in a nice freindly CLEAN setting. It's on main street and be sure and try the homemade saffron beef and chicken patties, they are some of the best I have tasted. Tavares also has the only authentic cuban joint on hwy 488 called pichy's. they used to be on lee rd next to delfriscos. they recently moved to lake county,,,I just wish this placed served roast pork. If you want REAL mexican as in carnita's and fried whole fish you'll have to go to eustis to Tortillaria La Mexicana. Be prepaired for AUTHENTIC mexican.
    As far as Asian is concernd I like Thai Jasmine in Tavares. This place is also authentic compared to the other thai places. If you want sushi Mt. Dora Sushi seems to get the most votes. Chinese seems to the same wherever you go but china wok in eustis gets quite a few votes as well.
    Last but certainly not least BBQ! Lake county has some of the best bbq joints in florida. Where is the best q? Depends on what type of sauce and seasoning you like. Since i am in Mt dora I tend to go to sugarboos quite a bit. dry rub seasoned Meat cooked perfectly everytime!! The sauce however is a vinigar based and very tart. If you like the sweet hot flavor try Mikes at the corner of 441 and wolfbranch/ limit ave. in Mt. Dora. This is the same only the sauce is molasses sweeter and cooked on the meat. it tends to create a crispy burnt coating.
    King's in eustis also has a large following. The meat is not seasoned but cooked right and the sauce is a mustard base sauce you can buy in lke county grocery stores. There is also the damn smoker north of eustis. This place is hit or miss on cooking tenderness but usually hits,,they also have a variety of sauces. I still have yet to try bc's general store in yalaha but it comes highley reccomended. I also like Jacks bbq in clermont. It has indoor seating which none of the places I have mentioned do. The cue I had was great with a sweet mollasses based sauce.
    Hope this helps,,,,let me know if i was off!

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      Thank you very much. My father lives in Mt. Dora and I visit every winter. I have wanted to try Sugarboos and I will look forward to trying it. How about Royal red shrimp? Any suggestions for a place to get those?