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Jan 20, 2011 07:02 PM

Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing?

Here in L.A. we have a chain California Chicken Cafe that makes a great chinese chicken salad. I am looking for either a good one to buy or a good recipe. A lot of people like Feast from the East salad dressing from a restaurant in Westwood. We tried but it isn't that great. I would like something with a little more substance. TIA

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  1. Rascal's in Torrance sells a lot of Chinese chicken salad, they must sell a couple tons a year.
    Go to any kind of pot luck or something down in the south bay and good chance they're serving Rascal's Chinese chicken salad. Their dressing I think is simply sesame oil, some kind of neutral tasting oil and black pepper. Maybe there's something else in it, but definitely not sweet like that brand they sell at Costco.

    1. Here's a thought.

      Why not see if California Chicken Cafe will just sell you a jar of the stuff? They seem ok charging you extra for dressing as it is, so who knows?

      1. I know this is not a very popular chowhound response...but CoCo's Restuarants sell their Asian Salad Dressing and I love's pretty heavy and could be thinned with a little rice wine vinegar, but it is spicy and good. On the sweet side.

        1. Soy Vey has a good chicken salad dressing:

          (last on the list).

          1. I use Newman' Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger.