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Jan 20, 2011 06:50 PM

Limoncello Advice

I like making different liqueurs and am usually quite good at it....(hic).

I had a bunch of meyer lemons and made up a batch of meyer limoncello. Nothing fancy- usual recipe (lemon zest- no pith, 100 proof vodka, then simple syrup). It is tasty but not very "mello" like it should be (especially with the meyers in there). It is aging in the freezer right now.

So, Does limoncello get more "mello" or smoothe with age? If so, how long? If not, should I add more syrup?
It tastes too "alcoholy" right now.

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  1. Why not take a small sample and try adding some water or some sugar to see if it's to your liking?

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    1. re: EvergreenDan

      Yes, i could do that. I first wanted to know if Limoncello mellows like some other liqueurs do. Some do- some don't and I didn't want to dilute it if I just need to wait 6 months.

      1. re: sedimental

        1. Yes, it does get smoother with time (at room temp) but not a lot. Not like, say, a noccino which in undrinkable for a year at least and really doesn't get good for two or more years.
        2. Don't age it in the freezer. It just slows it down.

        I make meyerlemoncello every year. I let it age for a few months at room temp in the dark. I usually make a batch early in the season (when there's still a bit of green on the lemons) and another batch late (when they're ripe, ripe, ripe). My first batch--put up in early December--is in the closet now. I've tasted it and it's very good but I'll let it go another month or so before I'll drink it. I'll put up another sometime later this year. The early and late versions are quite different and it's fun to try them together.

        I've read recommendations for Italian lemoncello saying use lemons just as they are turning green to yellow. I've done that with lemons and not been impressed. However, with meyers it makes a very good drink. I don't even bother with lemoncello any more; the meyerlemoncello is so much more interesting.

        It helps that I have a meyer and a regular lemon tree, so it's easy to experiment. Can't grow any tree fruits except lemons, but we can sure grow good lemons, here in the cool SF Bay area. So, when life gives you lemons: Make lemoncello.

        On edit, I'll add: I don't know how much alcohol to water you're using, but I'd shoot for a final abv of 30%. I've seen recipes that go much higher and that's wrong for a liqueur/apperativo/digestivo.

        1. re: Gustavo Glenmorangie

          Thanks for all that! I think I will pull it out from the freezer.

          I have a Meyer lemon tree too. Right now, I have three meyers that I had to remove from the tree while green.I have not tried it with greenish lemons - but I might make another batch and add these to see what happens.