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Jan 20, 2011 05:22 PM

A lovely surprise!

Never been to Steveston before... Off we go on a cloudy Wednesday, because I bought a Groupon for a place called Gudrun's Tasting Room. What a delightful surprise! First of all, the town is interesting, trying to decide if it will be trendy or tourist-kitchy. We found a truly excellent bread bakery on one of the main streets run by a Romanian baker. It has a HUGE wood burning oven, and the bread is whole grain and delicious. Gudrun's is lovely. You approach down an alley. The place itself is very nice, minimalist and comfortable, at the same time. The owner/manager is welcoming and enthusiastic about his locale and about food. There is a good selection of wine, cheeses and a few other things. Rillettes were outstanding. The fondue was small and perfect for a cold night. We also had a bit of epoisse, which was good, but still a bit cool. Needed more tempering, information the server volunteered. All in all, a good place.

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  1. Those box stools look ............... hard :-O

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      We really enjoyed Gudrun last summer. It was fun to sit at the giant outside table with the big ol' evergreen towering above, sipping a nice riesling and munching on tasty cheeses. I do recall thinking that one or two of them would have benefited from longer time out of the fridge but not bad at all.