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Jan 20, 2011 04:12 PM

1 Late Night only

we will be staying at the airport for early morning convienence
need reccomendation for 1 late night eats
will travel by way of the L
never been to Chicago

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  1. Three important pieces of information will help us answer your question:

    1. Which airport? (O'Hare or Midway)
    2. How late? (If you can tell us about what time you think you'll be leaving the airport and catching the el, we can calculate from there.)
    3. What day of the week?

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      its a Saturday
      wont get settled till at least 10 pm
      O'Hare Airport

      was thinking Al's # 1

      1. re: SF Brother

        There's an Al's Beef location right near the Cumberland stop on the CTA Blue Line, two stops from O'Hare, at 1036 W. Higgins Rd. in Park Ridge. I'm guessing they're open late but it would be best to call them to make sure: 847-825-2345.

        Gibson's Steakhouse in Rosemont is near O'Hare, and the dining room is open till midnight Mon-Sat. It's a bit of a distance from the el stop, but a cab to get there wouldn't be all that expensive. If you don't want anything as big (or expensive) as a steak, I think they have a limited menu they serve at the bar, including burgers etc.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          I dont mind traveling to the original spot
          but would this be a good choice for a late night taste of Chi-Town

          1. re: SF Brother

            You could take the Blue Line to the UIC-Halsted stop but it's then a bit of a walk (and late at night) to the Little Italy location at 1079 W. Taylor Street. Each way, the el ride would probably take around 40 minutes and the walk maybe another 15. Plus however long it takes for the train to come - up to 15-20 minutes at night. Again, it would be best to call ahead to confirm their hours: 312-226-4017

            1. re: nsxtasy

              I think they are open till 3 am
              not to worried bout it being latea t night
              kinda a big guy with a nasty attitude from NYC
              now living in the SF Bay Area
              just looking for great eats late at night since my time is limited

              1. re: SF Brother

                The one on Taylor St - the original - closes at midnight F/Sat and 11pm M- TH.

                How about Big Star Tacos off the Damen stop. Open to 2 am most nights.


                1. re: lbs

                  boy I dont know bout that
                  coming from Calif I am a bit skeptical bout a taco joint in chicago
                  thats like asking what the fresh fish is and your in St Loius
                  how far is the nerest ocean ?
                  I would rather have somethign bit more regional and something other than pizza as coming from NYC pizza just isnt the same and no hot dogs either
                  thats why I thought the Italian Beef Sandwhich was the way to go

                  1. re: SF Brother

                    Chicago's Mexican food is far, far better and more varied than in the SF Bay area. The only place in the U.S. where you'll find Mexican food that can compete with Chicago's is Southern California, and even there it's at best a toss-up. Rick Bayless has had more impact on Mexican cuisine at restaurants on this side of the border than anyone else, and he's been here in Chicago for almost thirty years. Go to one of our best Mexican restaurants - Topolobampo, Mundial Cocina Mestiza, Mixteco Grill, Mexique - and you'll find food you just can't find in Northern California. See for yourself.

                    You'll also find great fresh seafood in Chicago. Go to one of our best seafood restaurants - Shaw's Crab House, Hugo's Frog Bar, Mitchell's Fish Market - and see for yourself.

                    As for pizza, I grew up on New York style thin crust pizza, but once I tried the delicious deep-dish in Chicago, it was no contest. I've never wanted to eat NYC pizza ever again.

                    I've had our local Italian beef sandwiches and they just doesn't do anything for me. But our pizza and our Mexican food are better than anywhere else in the country (and I've traveled all over).

                    Maybe you should try these places instead of criticizing foods you've never even tried.

                    1. re: nsxtasy

                      wow mexicn food in chicago is better than anything I can find in the Bay Area huh
                      what have you been smoking ah never mind U will tell me thats better than Northern Calif too so nuff said

                      1. re: SF Brother

                        >> wow mexicn food in chicago is better than anything I can find in the Bay Area huh

                        Absolutely true.

                        I visit the SF Bay Area once or twice a year. (I've been to 9 of the restaurants in the SFGate's annual list of the 100 best restaurants in the area - as many as a lot of my friends who live there.) The Bay Area has no Yucatecan restaurants, the only real Oaxacan restaurant (Oaxacan Kitchen in Palo Alto) closed this past fall, and really has virtually no creative provincial Mexican cuisine beyond the conventional Mexican taco and enchilada type food you can find anywhere in the States. There is NOTHING in Northern California like the food you can find at Topolobampo, Mixteco Grill, Mundial Cocina Mestiza, Mexique, or Xni-Pec (among others). Try eating at those instead of making false assumptions about places you've never been. (My relatives who live in the Bay Area agree, and always ask to eat at one of our provincial Mexican places when they come here to visit.)

                        1. re: SF Brother

                          Wow, such arrogance.

                          You asked for advice. Nsxtasy gives the best advice on this board. If you choose to ignore it, that's your wasted trip, but tuck in the cockiness before you trip on it and try not to be such a jerk.

                    2. re: lbs

                      Big Star is a great idea - even if CA folks doubt our taco ability ... SF Brother might enjoy the atmosphere and the drinks are great.

        2. Yeah take the Blue and get off at Division and get you some burrito with a large side of the black salsa at Pasadita (the yellow one, not the one two stores north, not the one across the street). It's a dump but man after a day of travel. And it's 24 hrs.

          What's that place just off the Jefferson Park blue line? Never been there but people like it and it's a Chicago "institution" - I want to say Gale St. Inn?

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          1. re: Lance Corvette

            Gale Street Inn is the place you're thinking of. It's a longtime Chicago place that's known for its barbecue ribs. They're only open till 10:30 on weekends, so that's not going to work for someone leaving O'Hare at 10. Gale Street is okay, but there are better places to go for barbecue IMHO. Smoque is one of them, and it's right off the Blue Line, but it's only open till 10. Carson's, my personal favorite, isn't near the Blue Line and its 11:00 closing won't work either.

            Barbecue is something that Chicago does, but not necessarily any better than other cities. Unlike our Mexican cuisine, which is better than you'll find almost anywhere else this side of the Mexican border (yes, including Northern California).