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Jan 20, 2011 04:02 PM

The Grove Hayes Valley

I tried out the new location for The Grove last night. They also have locations in the Marina, Filmore, and I think he said Yerba Buena.

The "steak fiorentina" special was a fine dinner, a welcome addition to the neighborhood, but not destination worthy. Not remotely like a steak in Florence, but it was a nicely charred big slab of skirt steak for $14 smeared in a nice fresh pesto. Wonderfully rare inside. Unfortunately the side salad greens were not the freshest and the dressing oil tasted pretty low quality. The scoop of mashed potatoes was a scoop of mashed potatoes.

They did an impressively fast buildout, but don't have the keg system for the beer working yet. The available wines weren't of interest to me.

Arlequin Cafe has a much better alcohol program, and I think the salad components are much higher quality. Still, my steak had a nice char on the outside and was well-seasoned.

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  1. I like The Grove (I've only been to the Yerba Buena location) for breakfast; their omelets are decent, with some unusual add-ins like goat cheese and green onions. I also like their potatoes, while not my favorite crispy square of hash browns, they're much better than boring old home fries. I had the steak florentine sandwich once and would order it again, as well as the BLT.

    Speaking of Arlequin, I've enjoyed their steak dinner, which is a steal at around $10 for a huge pile of steak with chimichurri and grilled red onion. I'm not exactly a steak expert but it's pretty tasty.

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      Updated to add as of today the steak at Arlequin is $16 (!).