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Jan 20, 2011 03:44 PM

Florida Honeybell Mineola Tangelos in Westchester?

So far this year I have found Florida Mineola tangelos only at Balducci's in Scarsdale and DeCicco's in Scarsdale and Ardsley. However, both stores seem to have received only one shipment, and they are now stocking inferior California Mineola tangelos at the same price, which is $1.99 each at Balducci's and $0.50 each two weeks ago at DeCicco's in Scarsdale and $0.80 each last week at DeCicco's in Ardsley. I bought the entire remaining stock at both DeCicco's stores but would like to buy more at something less than Balducci's price, which is even higher than the cost of ordering a box from Florida. In prior years, I have found them occasionally at Shoprite in Mount Laurel, NJ, but the new Shoprite in Scarsdale doesn't have them. To my knowledge, A&P, Pathmark, Apple Farm, Stop & Shop, C-Town and Fairway never have stocked them.

Does anyone know of other sources for Florida Mineolas in Westchester, the Bronx, midtown Manhattan or Manhattan Chinatown?

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  1. I ordered these online from Florida and they are fantastic, better than anything here in the markets. They aren't cheap, but they are so juicy and sweet my mouth waters just writing this! I think there's only a few days left in the season though...

    1. Also ordered from Florida, my parents order honeybells for me from this place every year and they are really great....

      1. In past years I have bought Mineola tangelos at Stop & Shop. Not sure they were from Florida, b ut they were good.

        1. Last Friday, Produce Junction near Exit 4 of the NJ Turnpike had medium size Florida Mineolas in bags of 6 for $2. Yesterday, they had a few bags left and a fresh supply of smaller Florida Mineolas in bags of 8 for $2. Fruit quality and flavor are similar to the large Florida Mineolas I bought at DeCicco's and which may be ordered from Florida. On Friday, Produce Junction had bags of tiny Orlando tangelos in bags of 10 for $1. Quality was variable, but the best were very good. Yesterday, they had larger (typical) Orlando tangelos still at 10 for $1. I bought another bag but haven't tried the larger ones yet.

          1. Just saw them in Turco's today

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              I bought several Florida Honeybell Tangelos yesterday at the Mount Kisco Fruit Farm on Moger Ave. for 99 cents each. They also had Mineolas, but the owner said they were not as juicy as the Honeybells.