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Jan 20, 2011 01:20 PM

Best breakfast sandwich!

So, this new guy opened up in a shell gas station on Sherron rd and 98 in Durham..It used to be called Antonios coney island...The breakfast sandwiches are awesome! He makes these rolls that make the sandwich (real soft and lightly toasted)..fried eggs, bacon cooked to order, a little mayo and salt and pepper for like $2.75..He says he makes angus burgers and authentic philly's too for lunch, I haven't tried..But the breakfast sandwich..I've been trying a lot!

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    1. re: d.v

      I suspect there is only one restaurant in the Shell station at Sherron Road and Highway 98. Don't think the name of the place is vital to finding it.

      1. re: d.v

        Yeah.sorry, it's called Ham & Eggers....

        1. re: jonfrank604

          Thanks. More info here: Apparently they don't have a web page.