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Jan 20, 2011 12:07 PM

ISO Orange Flower Water in Kits area if possible

Thought this would be fairly easy but I've been to Capers, DanD Foods and a couple of other places but no luck.
Perhaps the bulk place on Granville Island?


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  1. whole food has them $19.99
    "neroli water"
    sorry not quite kits.

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    1. re: betterthanbourdain

      Close enough, thanks.
      Sounds like it's a product they carry in the personal care section rather than the food area (thus jacking the price). I just want it for a syrup I'm making but it may have to do.

      1. re: eatrustic

        Just left the bulk place @ GIM they don't have much in that line-have you checked Minerva's?

        1. re: eatrustic

          yuppers you are right.

          may i ask what ur making? i like to learn what usage you may have for it.
          once in a syrup from you can use it to make sorbet and desserts.
          would you add triple sec or grand marnier?

          1. re: betterthanbourdain

            I'm using it in a syrup for a sweet bread I'm making. It seems really trendy right now as a flavouring for all kinds of pastries.
            I can easily sub by putting a bit of orange peel in when I make the base syrup. Won't be the same but it's in the same general family and with all the other flavours it won't show much..
            I'm thinking a middle eastern store should have it (maybe Indian?).

            I'll take a look at Minerva's when I make it over there in a day or so.

            I tried the little store on Denman across from Mis Trucos that has all kinds of Medit. things but they had just stopped carrying it....

      2. I don't know if there is a SuperStore near Kits but I have always purchased Cortas Orange Blossom Water in a 10 oz bottle for no more than $2.49. It is the Mediterranean aisle with both Rose Water and Orange Blossom water.

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        1. re: bevo

          Lovely! That price point is more like it and I will be going a bit farther out tomorrow so will hit the SuperStore on Grandview.


        2. West Valley Market on Bute St just off Davie is where I found mine.

          1. I'd check south china seas on GI. IIRC, that's where I bought mine.