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Jan 20, 2011 12:00 PM

Leftover tortilla chip pieces at bottom of bag

Any great ideas out there for what to do with all the small leftover tortilla chip pieces at bottom of the bag?

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  1. they make a nice salad topping...crush them up a little more, add to breadcrumbs for a different kind of coating for cutlets...when nobody is around I carefully tear the bag flat, and lick them out

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    1. re: BiscuitBoy

      I mix with some chili powder and use to dip chicken tenders. I bake them, but you could fry if you wanted to. If there's not enough crumbs, add to bread crumbs.

      1. re: BiscuitBoy

        Great idea to coat cutlets and roast chicken or fish for frying.

      2. Use them as training treats for the dog.

        1. This is kind of trashy, but I mix leftover chips into a ripe, smashed avocado and stuff 'em in my mouth.

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          1. re: Eat.Choui

            I am not ashamed to say that I have done this with the last of the queso as well.

          2. I use them for chilaquilas - tortillas softened with a cooked salsa and cheese (meat, beans and eggs optional). However, I prefer unsalted chips for this purpose, so I have better control over the saltiness of the final product.

              1. re: kaleokahu

                Exactly - migas! Add cheese, diced onion, tomato, jalapeno.
                Migas means crumbs.

                1. re: kaleokahu

                  Yep that's what I do. Don't need to add salt cuz the chips at the bottom are nice and extra salty. Some cheese and salsa, stir in the chips at the last minute so they don't get too soggy. YUM!