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Jan 20, 2011 12:00 PM

Dinner Before Phantom's Game

I'm looking for a fun place to take two ten year old boys to dinner before the Phantom's game on Friday night. It doesn't have to be "kid food". These two are adventurous eaters. I'm looking for a restaurant in the city. We've exhausted all the places in the burbs and are looking to make it a fun night out by trying someplace new before heading to the stadium.

Thanks everyone in advance.

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  1. I recommend South Philly Tap Room if you are going to an event at one of the stadiums on South Broad Street. It has great food, adventurous and nonadventurous. We have taken our kids there many times and they love it.
    Are you really going to a Phantoms game? Arent they in Glenns Falls NY?

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      They have moved, they are the Adirondack Phantoms now, but the schedule puts them back in Philly for one game. The game is at the Wachovia Center tonight. My son loves them, so we put tickets in his stocking for Christmas. Thanks for the recommendation.

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        I'd second SPTR. See if you can snag a gift certificate before you go.

        1. re: urbanfabric

          That's a great idea. I always forget about them, thanks.