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Jan 20, 2011 11:13 AM

The Wild Within-- Travel Channel ... zzzzzzzzzz

Has anyone watched this show yet? Only about 2 episodes into the season. I was really pumped up for this to start up!!! Great Idea.... A show about a person sourcing and cooking food. What more could a foodie ask for??

1st attempt to watch the show ended in 15 min, lost intrest. (blamed my busy schedule that day)

2nd attempt feel asleep maybe after 20 min... (no explanation )

I am planning on giving this show and future epsiodes another chance, as I want to enjoy.

Anyone have thoughts?

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  1. I've watched the Alaska and Hawaii episodes and this show is on the DVR schedule for me. The host Steven Rinella has good camera presence but this isn't really a food show - it's more of a hunting show that emphasizes a respect for nature and the process of gathering food on a primal level. He's also a writer so he's very articulate in getting certain points across. One point that stood out was on the Alaska episode where he talks about hunting and processing your own kill vs walking into the grocery store and buying a butchered and nicely wrapped piece of meat. Watching this show makes me wish I was taught to hunt growing up.

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    1. re: Bunson

      WOW, Buson, took words out of my mouth.. I honestly do know how i would react to having to hunt, clean , butcher.. I was not raised with any of these skills,.. I look forward to watching those episodes...

    2. @Bunson: "it's more of a hunting show that emphasizes a respect for nature and the process of gathering food on a primal level"

      This is a reality show in a Good way. Hunters who hunt responsibly and especially make maximum use of the animal are to be respected.

      BTW if it matters to y'all Anthony Bourdain recommended this show:

      The same topic from another perspective is 'Wild Justice' on NGC. California F&G wardens tracking down poachers.

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      1. re: DiveFan

        I tend to listen to Bourdain, for the most part, his recs are what I enjoy. --- I really wish they would put this show ondemand, so I could see it again..

        Sourcing your own food or buying your food from a source is great interest for me

      2. The more I watch this show the more I like it. He was picking garden snails out of Golden Gate Park and cooking them on his stove by a trail while tourists waked by! HIs dialogue/approach is a breath of fresh air in today's TV landscape. It's hard to describe, but he's not a "what can I win" or "I'm looking to be amused" kind of guy...more of a "how can we as humans co-exist with nature and sustain ourselves." Just really compelling to watch.