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Jan 20, 2011 11:05 AM

Electric Pressure Cooker with Stainless Insert?

I'm looking for an electric pressure cooker that does not have the nonstick insert. I would like stainless steel but I'm not sure if one exists. The Cuisinart has nonstick, and I believe the Fagor electric does as well. Please let ne know if you have any advice. Otherwise, Costco sells a two piece stovetop set fro Fagor that I am considering. I have never used either variety of PC so I'm a bit nervous about the stovetop, but at least it is stainless. It has only the 15 PSI.


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  1. 15 psi is the usual pressure.

    No need to be nervous about the stovetop version.

    1. There are two:

      Gourmet brand, and InstantPot. Unfortunately, neither gets up to 15 psi. Gourmet gets up to 13, and Instant is between 10 and 11 psi.

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        Cook's Illustrated reviewed some of these a couple of years ago, including Cuisinart, Deni, Nesco, and Fagor. The only one the recommended outright was the Fagor Multi-cooker, which triples as a rice cooker and a slow-cooker. The Fagor's rice cooking function worked well, but the slow cooker function was limited by only having a single heat setting (low)--HOWEVER, it appears as though the current version of the Multi-cooker offers a high setting now. The other cookers had systematic problems sealing properly, so steam leaked out and the food burned.

        They did not review either InstantPot or Gourmet. Some reviews of the InstantPot online seem to show that people either love it or hate it, with the main (but not only) dissatisfier being the leakage issue. My hypothesis is that there are people who are very careful with the sealing step and those who are not.

        After putting a lot of thought into getting a slow-cooker plus a pressure cooker vs. an all-in-one solution, I decided that given that I have the space and can afford buying two appliances, I would be better off with that approach. But if I had limited space and thrift was a concern, the Fagor Multi-cooker would be my choice. It was about $120 bucks (Canadian) and seemed sturdy when I took a look at it. Biggest drawback to me would be that the maximum pressure is only 9 psi, which still results in much faster cooking than a pot on the stove.

        1. re: zamorski

          Tatung also makes one.

          Not sure how high the pressure gets.

          Instant Pot is promising a new model in Jan or Feb with a browning function.

          1. re: willownt

            Doesn't that 'bean tendons' button inspire confidence? :) That reminds me of a Tatung induction burner that I used to have. It too had convenience settings like 'congee'.

            The English manual lists the working pressure as 70 kPa

            The downloadable cooking time table has a graph showing the temperature cycling between 244F and 239 under pressure. Apparently (most) electric pressure cookers actually regulate temperature, not pressure.

            Note that one of the buttons controls: faint scent, standard, strong fragrance
            It is clearly designed with a different cooking culture in mind.

            1. re: paulj

              I looked at this at 99Ranch. The inner pot has a nice sturdy ring to it; the base looks like some induction compatibles ones, though there isn't any other indication that they are using an induction heating element. The pressure vessel looks sturdy, and the lid latches in place with a satisfying click. On this demo unit the venting knob was broken.

              I haven't looked any other electric pcs.

      2. I love my Hawkins Futura pressure cooker I've had it for at least 15 years - it is awesome, was an expensive purchase - about $120 back then but the finish is perfect , it's very safe, and I've never had to replace the gasket..

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        1. re: lovetalkinfood

          That Futura line is pretty, much sleeker than anyone else's. The lid fits 'inside' the pot, right? I have a small Hawkins, in their more conventional line. At 1.5L it is just large enough to use with my camping stove, letting me make a 2 serving stew in a matter of minutes using an inexpensive cut of meat. I'm glad to know the gasket has a long life.

        2. I am resurrecting this thread as I've seen some 6 qt stainless steel inner pots for sale. On Amazon, there are a few reviews from people who have put them in their Fagor, Cuisinart, and Nesco 6 qt electric pressure cookers (all of which come standard with a nonstick insert) and claim that they continue to work fine. This is the one listed as made by "Secu" shown at ; there is a company called Secura that has a Chinese/English labeled pot (which appears different from the one Sandaili linked at Simply Natural, which is Gourmet brand) -- not clear if Secu=Secura or if one is a typo. Additionally, Instant Pot also sells extra stainless steel inner pots for their 6 qt electric pressure cookers. Both pots are $30.

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