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Jan 20, 2011 11:02 AM

La Viet $5 lunch specials

La Viet, the Vietnamese place on South 11th Street jsut above Washington Avenue was passing around fliers on car windshields advertising their $5 lunch specials. At that price we figured they would be tapas sized so we each ordered two entrees for lunch. Oops.

The servings were rather large. I had the Sai Gon style crab noodle soup with pork roll (their own, not Taylor's) pork blood cubes and tofu in tomato broth. There was two of everything in the soup so it was easy to split. For my entree I had the BBQ pork chop over broken rice that came with shredded pork, eqq quiche, a fried egg on top and soup. I don't know how they can do this for only $5. Both meals were delicious. The pho was better than Pho 75. We also shared spring rolls and a pork rice vermicelli over fresh greens and peanuts.

From the outside the restaurant looks fancy and is gorgeous on the inside. They don't post a menu on the door so we just assumed it was expensive and never went there. They also don't post their hours, the fact they have free parking in the back or the generally positive Craig Laban review.

While the food is delicious I think the owner needs to run it more like a business if he wants to stay in business. We ended up going to the place because of a windshield flier but I doubt that is enough to sustain a restaurant with such expensive fitout and low prices.

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  1. Did they get their liquor license yet? The bar area looks nice.

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      They haven't, unless they got it since Tuesday. It was pretty crowded when I was there, so I think they must be doing OK. I heard the table next to us, who apparently had never been there before, say they thought it was better than Nam Phuong (which is my opinion as well). I had Pho Ga, it was pretty good but I've never had it anywhere else so I can't compare really.

    2. Do you know how long they're doing the lunch special? They did something similar in October but I thought it was just for that one month. I don't recall the name but I had some sort of seafood soup with bitter melon, looking at menupages I'm guessing it was "Bun Mam," described as "seafood noodle soup. served with fish, calamari, shrimp, egg plant, bitter melon, and pork." I also got an order of spring rolls that were very good. I was planning on heading down that way shortly to one of the Asian markets so I'll probably check out Le Viet again.