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Looking for delicious, inexpensive cookies

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a place in D.C. that sells fresh, inexpensive, and delicious cookies. I'm buying for a big crowd-- I would appreciate any leads!


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  1. If you can find Otterbein's cookies from Baltimore, you'll be golden. Thin, crispy, delicious-especially the chocolate chip and lemon varieties. Check the Giant.

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      Ooh, thank you! I'll check them out!

    2. While obviously not "fresh" there are a number of cookies at Trader Joe's that are quite good (and reasonably priced) - try the Ginger Cats

      1. Patisserie Poupon in Georgetown.

        Patisserie Poupon
        1645 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

        1. Chez Hareg (European pastries in Little Ethiopia)

          Yas Bakery (Persian, absolutely scrumptious; apparently they've moved to Vienna though

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            Seconding Chez Hareg. Cheap and delicious - even the vegan cookies will knock your socks off. It's now a full-service cafe, so the awning reads "Yetenbi Restaurant" instead of "Chez Hareg." It's on 9th between T and U, across the street from Etete. Highly recommended!

            1942 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

          2. Mediterranean Bakery & Cafe on Picektt Street (Alexandria) for Middle Eastern cookies/pastries

            Mediterranean Bakery
            352 S Pickett St, Alexandria, VA 22304

            1. On the same theme, some of the ethnic bakeries are very good and (relatively) inexpensive. Classic Bakery in Gaithersburg is nice ($10.50/lb., according to the website -- http://classicbakery.com/products/bak... ).

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                  Curious. It does work when I click it.

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                    It works for me now. Hmmmm.... Sorry!

              1. If you are looking for fresh cheap cookies, there is only one answer. Costco. One is pentagon is metro accessible and the cookies I've had from their have been very good. Cannot beat the price.

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                  Agree. They are CHEAP, BIG, good, majorly caloric and freshly baked.

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                    I don't necessarily agree about Costco, although the rugelach (sp?) are pretty good. Other cookies are big, and sweet, but I find them lacking in any flavor but sweet. Same with the huge muffins. I'm interested in some of the ethnic bakeries, but I do like the Otterbein cookies mentioned earlier. The sugar cookies almost taste homemade.

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                      Not cookies, but I think the mini-cinnamon rolls at Costco are surprisingly good.

                2. costco has excellent homemade cookies- oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, sugar cookies. price is right and quality is there.

                  1. Depending on what your idea of inexpensive is, you could try Heidelberg bakery in Arlington - they have delicious European style cookies and you can get them by the pound. You can also pre-order a 2lb soft pretzel that is to die for - had a coworker that brought one in to the office that lasted about 10 minutes