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Jan 20, 2011 09:19 AM

Oyster Bar Grand Central

Hello, my husband and I will be midtown NYC this Saturday. He just read a review of the Oyster Bar pan roast recently touted in NY Magazine as a NY "superlative". Myself, I have read bad reviews of the Oyster Bar that include just fair service.
Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to give an opinion of this restaurant and their “pan roasted” items. This information will help us make our decision. We will be there for an early lunch. Also, alternative suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, bb22

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  1. I'm a huge pan roast fan. I always sit at the oyster bar and have always had quick service (and the same guys have worked there forever) and love to watch the preparation. Although seeing how they fix a pan roast, I'm amazed at how simple it looks!!

    1. Did you post this same question earlier in the week? There were a number of replies (one of them mine), but the thread has vanished. Mysterious.

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        Yes, my post was deleted , reason being, inappropriate word, have adjusted language. I am delighted with the replies on corrected posting, will be having lunch at the Oyster Bar Saturday. Excited for "pan roast"! Thanks

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          ... check out the wine list, too -assuming it's available in both rooms; for a resto like that, it's really something.
          (and make sure to whisper to your man using the fornix arch outside the front door!)

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            Aha. I recall the problematic language. I hope you also saw the original replies, and that you enjoy your meal at the Oyster Bar, should you decide to go there.

        2. We love the Oyster Bar. When it's just the two of us we sit at the bar. If there are more than 2 we sit in the pub section near the bar. Food and service is aways great!!

          1. I have eaten there since I was a boy in the early 1960's and I admit it had problems for a time but in recent years, after it was fixed up, it has been fine and now that they have the Maine belons and others which were not available in the long-ago days, it is one of my favorite Manhattan stops. I eat there at least once whenever I am in town. Also has the enormous advantage of a clean restroom in the bar. I just wish the crackers were not in cellophane...used to be in little bowls with spoons.

            1. I posted on this thread a couple of days ago but it vanished..
              Love love love the Oyster Bar and it's a must for lunch every time I'm in NYC and have always had great oysters, chowder, fish and service.