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Jan 20, 2011 08:26 AM

Near the Majestic - casual meal pre-show? Plus any great value pics are appreciated.

Help. First trip to NYC. Seeing a Saturday night show in Feb and looking for something to eat before the show. Casual $40 to $60 a plate plus drinks. Needs to take reservations for obvious reasons!

Its all about where the locals eat. Share your knowledge with me please!

While your at it how about these other thoughts:

Carnegie - does anyone that actually lives in NYC eat there?

Katz - at least some locals seem to support this choice (unlike above), sounds like there is at least a case for pastrami

Russ & Daughters - never had real lox

Shake Shack - lots of locals say "sure if there is no line" which to me is enough to give it a shot. How about specifics? Burgers "if there is no line"? Or something else?

Grimaldis - What do people think about this?

Lobster rolls? Where and how much?

To me good food is all about the value pics that great cities have. Any other value pics are greatly appreciated.

Russ & Daughters
179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

47 W 20th St, New York, NY 10010

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  1. That's quite a healthy budget for your pre-theater dinner. It would be helpful if you had mentioned any cuisine preferences. That said...

    The Majestic is located on 44th, so I would recommend dbBistro Moderne, which is on 44th, but on the other side of B'way, b/t 5th & 6th Avs. dbBistro is 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's take on contemporary French bistro cuisine, but far less expensive than his eponymous temple of haute French cuisine. Delicious food, very good service, and pleasant atmospherics. They accept reservations. I suggest you book for 5:30 to give yourself plenty of time to have a relaxing meal before walking to the theater. Be sure to let them know that you will be seeing a show.

    dbBistro Moderne photos:

    I haven't been to Carnegie in ages. My last time there, the pastrami was poor. But there are natives like it.

    Katz's: Absolutely! It's definitely all about the pastrami.

    Katz's photos:

    I'm huge fan of Russ & Daughter's, my #1 spot for all things related to appetizing. Lox is different from smoked salmon. They have a very wide variety and will let you taste. It is a shop, not a restaurant, so it's all take-out. They do make sandwiches to go.

    Russ & Daughters photos:

    I like Shake Shack burgers. We go to the original location in Madison Square Park, but only during the warm weather months since all seating is outdoors and only when there is no line. (Imo, no burger -- no matter how delicious -- is worth waiting on line for.) There is a branch in midtown, but I've never tried it.

    Shake Shack photos:

    Lobster Rolls: The cheapest but still excellent is Luke's. Pearl's is also excellent, but it's much more expensive.

    Luke's photos:

    Pearl photos:

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      I am thrilled that this is a big budget. I just have no idea. I am pretty sure I am going to take your advice on this one!