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Looking for a place for pizza and beer for 25 in Boston


I am looking to throw a party in April for about 25 people. Ideally looking for pizza and beer for the low cost and the fact that it's casual and fun. Ideally looking for a private room (we are loud) and someplace that can accommodate a Sunday afternoon start time.

Regina doesn't do big parties. I have searched high and low looking with no luck.

Boston, Cambridge, or the surrounding areas would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not sure if they'll do it either, but you may want to try the Waterfront Cafe in the North End. Twenty-five people may just about take over the place though. The Waterfront makes a good pizza, and I actually like it better than Regina's.

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      Peg -- I'd like to hear more about the pizza at the Waterfront. I was there to watch the bloodbath on Sunday and really liked the place, especially the jalapeno poppers and their burger. Was considering pizza so I'd like to hear how you'd describe it.

      To the OP, I think Flatbread in Somerville would be GREAT for your party. It's a big space, with an open oven and on a Sunday I bet they'd dig a big loud party like yours. When people have had enough beer, they can bowl.

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        Waterfront pizza is the best in the north end. No soggy middle like Regina's, good sauce, good crust. Definitely worth a try.

        Usually go with their steak tips if we don't get a pizza and they are the only other memorable thing from the menu. How was the burger?

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          The burger was good, actually. Nice char outside, reasonably close to mid-rare as ordered. I had it topped with crispy bacon and cheddar cheese, and discarded the flabby tomato and wan lettuce. Not up there in the pantheon, but not a bad option for soaking up the booze that accompanies the agony of defeat.

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            I guess some people would describe it as NY style. They use a medium crust which is always tender with a slight crisp on the edges. Crust holds up well to the toppings and the slices are easy to fold. I love that they don't break the bubbles in the crust. The Waterfront can get slammed during the games but there are times that it is quiet as well. Great in the summer (if we ever see summer again) because it seems that not too many tourists find it.

    2. The new Regina's in Allston doesn't do big parties?

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        I should have just called them directly, but I called the Thatcher Street location and they barked "NO" and hung up on me when I inquired about their location.

      2. Newtowne Grille in Porter Square has cheap pizza and beer...but no private room.
        Don't mind the regular "Oldtowne" crowd at the bar.

        1. Flatbread in Somerville would be my choice.

          Agree that the Allston Regina's would work as well. However keep in mnd that the pizza definitely doesn't live up to the NE location.

          1. its been a few years, but the Boyne on western avenue in Brighton has a downstairs private room with its own bar and bathrooms. we used in a couple of times for xmas parties and they were extremely accomodating. they have a full kitchen upstairs but not sure if pizza is on the menu (its an irish pub).

            458 Western Ave, Brighton, MA 02135

            1. How about The Paddock in Somerville? Their dining room is relatively spacious, and it's often pretty dead there. And the pizza is excellent.

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                Have you been lately? I got a downhill alert a few months back from someone who works nearby and used to pretty much live on their pizza.

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                  We were there a couple of weeks ago and the pizza was as good as ever. And the atmosphere was as depressing as ever.

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                  I believe the Mr B's restaurant on Cross Street has been focusing on pizza since it reopened, but I haven't gotten around to trying it.

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                    Had the Paddock pizza last night -- I just HAD to get out of the house! It is indeed still very good -- although I'd skip the eggplant which is fried and then microwaved to within an inch of its life and then baked on top of the pie resulting in a leathery product. The sausage was great though, and the sauce and cheese were just fine. Best part is the crust -- puffy and light, but nicely charred beneath. Good chew. They do a good job.

                    I don't find the atmosphere to be depressing -- who doesn't like saddles for decoration? There was a fairly full bar when I showed up early, and then many booths were filled by the time I left. The other half of the dining room was empty, lights off. I sure hope the place makes it through this economy ... you don't find neighborhood joints like this every day.

                    Anyway, I'm glad I tried the pizza again, and will definitely get it again.

                  2. Prince Pizza on Route 1 South in Saugus fits your requirement. It's big and typically gives large parties their own space. The pizza ain't Regina's or Santarpios but it's good, the beer is draft and the price is right. It's kitchy and fun and you won't have to watch your manners too much.

                    1. La Hacienda might be fun. It looks divey but the food is really good and the prices are too. they have a function room that I"ve used with parties in the past. Everybody has a good time.


                      La Hacienda
                      46 Medford St, Somerville, MA 02143

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                        Since you are getting recs all over, one place which has a nice room, good pizza (not perfect but equal anyt of the other places I mention below) is Bocelli's in South Medford. Close to Somerville and easy access from 93N. Don't think they have any draft beer, but do offer beer and wine and cordials (I think its a full bar since they have 50+ seats, but not 100% certain).

                        The only thing with La Hacienda is if you want them to open on Sunday's you need to reserve in advance since they don't open normally, but will if you have a large party for the function room. I would also suggest trying the pizza and location to make sure its your cup of tea and make sure the beer selection works for you (macro pitchers + some bottle options). If you want a slightly more upscale location, the nearby and similar East Side Bar & Grill can cover you and has good pizza, but a bit skimpy on topings. Its another case where you have to call because I believe they have a brunch thing weekends so may or may not be willing to take a large pizza party depending on the time.

                        If they were considering going as far as Prince, the Old Brown Jug is closer to Boston, but you still need to go across the Tobin.

                        La Hacienda
                        46 Medford St, Somerville, MA 02143

                      2. You could probably rent out the downstairs bar space at Roggies. It's not to big (25 will definitely fit comfortably), would have its own bathroom, and is definitely cheap. The owner is extremely friendly as well, and would be happy to fill any special requests/discount drinks.

                        The pizza is average at best, but the space is good, and the beer is cold and cheap.

                        Roggie's Brew & Grille
                        356 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton, MA 02135

                        1. I saw the Boyne and Regina's Allston mentioned and I think it would be better to hit the Bus Stop Pub on Western Ave if you're in that area. Great pizza, cheap beers, pool table, darts, characters.

                          1. Not sure if they would do it but Cambridge 1 has big long booths that would be conducive to a big group. Plus has good pizza and beer.

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                                I was thinking Cambridge 1 in Fenway too but only IF there is no Red Sox home game and IF you will settle for thin crust pizza.

                              2. Not sure if The Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale has a private room. If they do, this would be a great place. Old school...neon lights...cold beer....really really good pizza. I would also second giving the Allston Regina a try.

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                                  Pleasant Cafe is a great suggestion. I like their thin crust pizza, but it's really difficult to go there and not get veal parm with a side of ravioli. Old school definitely describes it, I bet it hasn't been updated since the 50s.

                                2. call the pizzaria regina wellington circle location. no, not as good as the original but very close when we last went there. easy parking, seemed like plenty of seating. we allways order a roasted veg and canandian bacon pie well done. mmmm.

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                                    Thank you everyone for your suggestions, very helpful as usual!!!

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                                      Check out PICCO (pizza/ice cream) in South End...i personally haven't had pizza that good in a while, def. would travel down from the north shore for another slice...the ice cream was very good too, def. has a gelato consistency ...i was just there back in Nov. with a few friends...cozy and plenty of beer on tap! it is a little on the smaller side, but I bet with enough notice they could swing your group of 25...there is a parking garage near by too so if u were traveling by car...

                                  2. Try Kelly's Pub on Bennington St. in East Boston. Great pizza and they do afternoon parties in a private room. Also full bar;o)