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Jan 20, 2011 07:39 AM

St. Thomas USVI Recap (long)

Day 1: Robert's American Grille - Elysian Resort at Cowpet Bay
Very good fish. Some of the best on the island. Nice beach side location. Pleasant staff. Coconut Mahi was the standout dish.

Day 2: Blue Moon - Secret Harbour
Before ordering, we were informed that they were out of about five things on the menu, which was certainly disappointing - but it was a Sunday, so maybe understandable. Appetizers were the standout. The coconut shrimp was the best we had. The fish was good, but like almost everywhere we went, it was over cooked (someone said that it normal for fish to be overcooked in the Caribbean - don't know if that's true). Another beautiful waterside location.

Day 3: Fungi's on the Beach
Tough to get to because of the steep steps down, but worth it. If you were any closer to the water you would be in it - literally! We were about 6" above the water. I got the combo plate which came with fish of the day, chicken and pork. The fish of the day - snapper was killer - probably the best fish I had on the island. The pork was good too, but the chicken tasted like it had been made a few days ago - nasty leftover flavor. Another one in our party got the wrap sandwich with fish and potatoes and chickpeas and it was fantastic!!!!! The server was the most helpful nice guy we ran into the whole week. Told us where to go to buy fresh fish straight from the pier. LOVED this place.

Day 5: Mexican Place above Molly Malone's in Red Hook.
VERY average Mexican. I got enchiladas and thought they were terrible. The rest of my party got fajitas and liked them. The queso was really good, but the chips were Sysco standard tri-color self fry chips.

Day 6: Texas BBQ
Okay, I'm from Texas, so I'm a little biased, but this ain't really Texas BBQ. Before going I read several reviews that talked about how good the beef ribs were, and how great this place was. They don't have beef ribs. The guy that worked there told me they never did. VERY disappointing! We went the day before and they had sold out of brisket. So we came back the next day and got the brisket plate. The brisket actually did taste pretty authentic, but the mild sauce was terrible. It tasted more like fruit punch than Texas bbq sauce. The mac and cheese was totally blown out and dry, but the rice was pretty good. The portions are huge. We got two plates for four adults and had enough for bbq sandwiches the next day.

Day 6: Mim's Seaside Bistro at the Bolongo
Probably the best overall meal of the trip. Conch fritter appetizers were wonderful as was the tuna tartar and the coconut shrimp. The appetizer portions were a little small, but we only noticed because we liked everything so much. The wine list really leaves something to be desired, and the mixed drinks were a little light on the rum, but the food was good enough to make up for it. The Grouper Dijionaise was the best of the entrees. My Mahi was finally NOT overcooked, but the mango rum sauce really just seemed to be marmalade. The all you can eat shrimp were fantastic, and they didn't mind at all that only one of us got it and all of us shared it! The tuna almondine was also very good. This restaurant probably had the most beautiful setting of them all - very romantic. Also, the waitress was absolutely fantastic with my toddler son. She spent a lot of effort making sure that he was happy. It was very much appreciated.

Day 7: Island Time Pub at Yacht club in Red Hook
Reviews raved about the pizza. We got a caesar salad and three 12" pizzas: Cheese, new york ricotta and chicken alfredo. The pizzas were okay. Completely edible, but nothing special. I'm a little stumped why this place got such good reviews. The caesar salad was very good.

Day 8: Ainsley's at Elysian Resort in Cowpet Bay
This was at the Resort were our condo was, and we waited till we were headed to the airport to try it out. It was delicious. The painkillers were made with fresh nutmeg, the hot dogs were huge and very tasty. The burgers were hot, juicy and had a fantastic beefy flavor. But the best standout was the pizza. The pizza dough was crispy and chewy at the same time and rolled as thin as a flour tortilla. We built our own with roasted garlic sauce, mozzarella and mushrooms and it was fabulous! We all wished we had tried it earlier in the week.

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  1. If you go back, try Craig and Sally's in Frenchtown. We had a killer meal there.

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    1. re: ThomShap

      great review and easy to read..LOVE fresh nutmeg on my drinks..totally essential, really. I always ask for my fish to be cooked just done...tough Wahoo or Mahi Mahi is not nice.

      What did you think of the island overall?? Any local places to try next time??

    2. We were just in St. Thomas in December & hit all of the same places with the exception of Texas BBQ & Mim's & pretty much agree with all your comments. We refuse to patronize any establishment Mim owns for reasons I won't get into here, since the reason isn't chow-related. Don't know if you noticed him (or her), but there's a little toad that likes to hang out under the blender at Ainsley's. The bartender told us he keeps taking it & putting it on the beach, but the next morning, it's right back in its spot. Must like them bushwacker leftovers.

      We found a couple of new places on the island since our last visit in 2007, Big Bambooz & Fish Tales, both in Red Hook near the Ferry terminal. Big Bambooz used to be a gas station, so whoever designed it did a great job. We also like Latitude 18 where a lot of the locals go, but the road to get there has to be the worst road on the island.

      1. Boy, I have never had a bad or even average pizza at Island-Time, and it has become our hangout for great food. Car. Saloon after ten has great pizza as well, and no longer is it a smoker's heaven.

        The best food on the island by far? At the Ritz sushi bar. Impeccibly fresh fish served by Emily. Truly rare stuff straight from Japan, including the best O-Toro I have ever had. Drinks are very overpriced, but the sushi and cooked food is to die for.

        1. I would have to say that St Thomas is pretty weak on the food scene if you don't do your research. There are 3 places that I have truly grown to love when on vacation in STT.

          Thirteen - I true hidden jewel that is nearly impossible to find but so worth it if you can. The lamb was simply absurd and the bacon brownie was such a great way to end the night. This year I want to sit at the bar and try the pizza

          Island Time - Speaking of pizza, albiet it if you come from NY, SF or BOS you might not be impressed, but this place is all about the atmosphere and above average pizza. You're pretty much sitting on top of a marina mixing with a ton of locals. Grab a pizza and a handful of Presidente's and take it all in...and dance with the band.

          Havana Blue - Absurdly overpriced, but you are paying for the view. An elevated open air restaurant with the stiffest drinks in town...take it from me when I say they are stiff. The food is fun although they attempt to get a bit to fancy. I would recommend a night at the bar with a bunch of drinks and tapas. Listen to the beach below you, see the cruise ships on the horizon and thank god you arent eating on that cruise ship.

          A bonus would be Craig and Sally's - Always solid food, but I have to keep the place off of my list because when I am in the islands I want to feel like I am in the islands. This place feels like a cheesy italian restaurant in the North End of Boston. With that said the food is AMAZING, and I've never had a bad meal there, so I take it for what it is.

          Other than that, I hear Enkai sushi is amazing, but have yet to find time for it. ....maybe this year.

          I love STT

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          1. re: NahantNative

            Yeah, next year thirteen is a must. we had a 2 year old with us, and we were limited, but next year we are going to try both craig and sally's and thirteen. I've also heard good things about north side grill - although when we drove by it, the roads were so high and curvy, I am not sure I want to try them after dark. . .