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Jan 20, 2011 07:35 AM

Food Network Ratings Down...

  1. So the formula of same crap different day doesn't work in the long term...who'da thunk it?

    1. Giant Rice Krispies sculptures are not popular? No way! Whining, mean-spirited judges aren't popular? Shocked, shocked.

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      1. re: monavano

        LOL no kidding, I hate those challenge shows.

        1. re: skippy66

          They need new faces...everyone has grey hair and fat bellies. And everyone is also moving to the online food video blog scene where there is no editing just straight raw footage of restaurants and food in mine!

          1. re: Chuonfood

            I totally agree, fat and grey, I bet I have seen the same Barefoot Contessa stuff at least 5 to 6 time each program, and Giada the same. I don't watch the Food Channel much anymore because the programs are so boring!!!!!

            1. re: Chuonfood

              Wow, thanks for letting me know that hair color and waist size are the important factors in cooking ability.

          2. I used to watch the Food Network a lot, not so much for recipes but for bits and pieces of techniques. I much prefer the Cooking Channel now, though. It's far less about the personalities and far more about the food. I hope it stays that way, too.

            1. Good.

              Maybe they can bring back some actual cooking shows now. I vote for the immediate reinstatement of Taste with David Rosengarten.

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              1. re: Josh

                I totally agree with you Josh. I think he's the Wine Editor for Saveur Magazine now. I absolutely loved his show - not so much the set, though, I remember it being kinda sparse. I would watch, buy, or subscribe to anything he's affiliated with.

                1. re: Whinerdiner

                  i second (or maybe third) the nomination!