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Dec 2, 2005 10:00 PM

NY style egg-rolls

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Where can I get a NY style eggroll. The really fat kind filled with lots of pork and veggies,crunchy on the outside. Almost every take-out in Ny has one and all I can find here is little skinny eggrolls! Help!

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  1. I've been asking this question for 20 years (but never of the Chowhounders...)

    Had a bad attempt at Manhattan Wonton Co., a burned attempt at Genghis Cohen, and a bland attempt at Uncle Chen's.

    Hope someone has an answer.

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    1. re: lad1818

      I've had sort of passable ones at genghis cohen's on Fairfax. Once they were great, but for takeout they were lousy... coincidence? Don't know.

      Just be prepared for 2 surprises...

      1. Two eggrolls cost $5.00. (yes, that's five)
      2. Unless you tell them otherwise, they cut them in half. (?!) (to my mind, this is like the pizza place that cuts a round pizza into squares)

      Let us know if you find anything else...

      By the way, it's not just an L.A. thing. As soon as you leave the NY metro area (or the northeast in general) eggrolls become flaky, flavorless, skinny pale things. It's a national phenomenon.

      Mr. Taster

      1. re: Mr. Taster

        get the shanghai eggrolls at Giang-nan. They're very tasty ( yes they're chun juan, so what).

        1. re: Jerome

          Will add it to my "to-taste" list.


          Mr. Taster

    2. d
      Das Ubergeek

      Good luck with that. I've been searching for years and haven't come up with any that remotely satisfy my need for New York-style egg rolls, with lots of cabbage.

      Let us know if you do find any, you'll have dozens of devotees!

      1. When my family first moved West, we thought the skinny spring rolls were oh so chic and sophisticated. But I miss the big rolls, stuffed with cabbage, red bits of pork and tiny shrimp, with the doughy interior and crispy outside.

        I had them once here - at the restaurant owned by Michelle Kwan's parents -- The Golden Pheasant in Torrance/Carson.

        I can't guarantee they still have them - it's been years since I went there, and for all I know the Kwans sold out to someone of the spring roll persuasion. But this appears to be the address and phone number:

        1077 W Carson St. Torrance, CA 90502. Phone (310) 320-1030

        1. N.Y. Chinese eggrolls will be available in L.A. when L.A. Mexican is available in NY...

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          1. re: Joe B.

            Exactly. Just throw some fois gras, truffle oil, organic baby field greens and heirloom tomatoes on that.

            1. re: Joe B.

              kinda unfair.
              These aren't NY eggrolls, although you may have had them in NY. These were the pretty typical Cantonese-American eggrolls you'd get everywhere until the late 60's. I think the Chinese kitchen at the Farmers market had them as well. I'd check out the Phoenix Inn in Chinatown, the Far East Cafe when it reopens, and any place like New Moon or that big place on Lankershim whose name I can't remember now...
              You'll have a better chance of finding them in the San Fernando valley, west side of LA, or San Pedro - anywhere pretty far from the residences of where folks who've immigrated from East Asia since 1975 might live in large numbers.

            2. twin dragon on pico - nice old school place, strong drinks - ny eggrolls!

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              1. re: Kurt

                Strong drinks, no, they have STRONG DRINKS...................don't do more than one. They call it a Zambie for a reason.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  funny, do you like the place overall? I go once in a while and always get the same sort of thing - what do you get there? = or do you just drink?

                  1. re: Kurt

                    At Twin Dragon its all about the Tangerine Beef and when you get it to go it comes in a huge silver tray like they do for catering too.