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NY style egg-rolls

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Where can I get a NY style eggroll. The really fat kind filled with lots of pork and veggies,crunchy on the outside. Almost every take-out in Ny has one and all I can find here is little skinny eggrolls! Help!

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  1. I've been asking this question for 20 years (but never of the Chowhounders...)

    Had a bad attempt at Manhattan Wonton Co., a burned attempt at Genghis Cohen, and a bland attempt at Uncle Chen's.

    Hope someone has an answer.

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    1. re: lad1818

      I've had sort of passable ones at genghis cohen's on Fairfax. Once they were great, but for takeout they were lousy... coincidence? Don't know.

      Just be prepared for 2 surprises...

      1. Two eggrolls cost $5.00. (yes, that's five)
      2. Unless you tell them otherwise, they cut them in half. (?!) (to my mind, this is like the pizza place that cuts a round pizza into squares)

      Let us know if you find anything else...

      By the way, it's not just an L.A. thing. As soon as you leave the NY metro area (or the northeast in general) eggrolls become flaky, flavorless, skinny pale things. It's a national phenomenon.

      Mr. Taster

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        get the shanghai eggrolls at Giang-nan. They're very tasty ( yes they're chun juan, so what).

        1. re: Jerome

          Will add it to my "to-taste" list.


          Mr. Taster

    2. d
      Das Ubergeek

      Good luck with that. I've been searching for years and haven't come up with any that remotely satisfy my need for New York-style egg rolls, with lots of cabbage.

      Let us know if you do find any, you'll have dozens of devotees!

      1. When my family first moved West, we thought the skinny spring rolls were oh so chic and sophisticated. But I miss the big rolls, stuffed with cabbage, red bits of pork and tiny shrimp, with the doughy interior and crispy outside.

        I had them once here - at the restaurant owned by Michelle Kwan's parents -- The Golden Pheasant in Torrance/Carson.

        I can't guarantee they still have them - it's been years since I went there, and for all I know the Kwans sold out to someone of the spring roll persuasion. But this appears to be the address and phone number:

        1077 W Carson St. Torrance, CA 90502. Phone (310) 320-1030

        1. N.Y. Chinese eggrolls will be available in L.A. when L.A. Mexican is available in NY...

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          1. re: Joe B.

            Exactly. Just throw some fois gras, truffle oil, organic baby field greens and heirloom tomatoes on that.

            1. re: Joe B.

              kinda unfair.
              These aren't NY eggrolls, although you may have had them in NY. These were the pretty typical Cantonese-American eggrolls you'd get everywhere until the late 60's. I think the Chinese kitchen at the Farmers market had them as well. I'd check out the Phoenix Inn in Chinatown, the Far East Cafe when it reopens, and any place like New Moon or that big place on Lankershim whose name I can't remember now...
              You'll have a better chance of finding them in the San Fernando valley, west side of LA, or San Pedro - anywhere pretty far from the residences of where folks who've immigrated from East Asia since 1975 might live in large numbers.

            2. twin dragon on pico - nice old school place, strong drinks - ny eggrolls!

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              1. re: Kurt

                Strong drinks, no, they have STRONG DRINKS...................don't do more than one. They call it a Zambie for a reason.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  funny, do you like the place overall? I go once in a while and always get the same sort of thing - what do you get there? = or do you just drink?

                  1. re: Kurt

                    At Twin Dragon its all about the Tangerine Beef and when you get it to go it comes in a huge silver tray like they do for catering too.



              2. Actually, I had a pretty reasonable version of a NY egg roll at, of all places, the L.A. County Fair.

                That doesn't help you until next September, though.

                Nevertheless, there's a little cart (actually, two of them that I've seen) that bill themselves as "Thai" food.

                Whatever it is, it's not really Thai.

                They have bbq'd meat on a skewer, lo mein, and those thick egg rolls.

                Years ago, they used to have the same kind of egg roll at Gelson's, in the hot food section. Haven't seen them in a while.

                1. we used to have those here in la too - but at fast food chinese places (before Panda Express) instead of at restaurants.

                  in particular, the egg rolls at the chinese place in the santa monica mall food court (pre remodel) were exactly that: they were about 6" long and packed with delicious bbq pork and cabbage, etc. they served it with the lovely red sweet and sour sauce. the outside of the egg roll was crispy, bubbly and bumpy from being deep fried but the inside was totally chewey - like dough. once they did the remodel (i don't remember when that was. . . maybe 1990 or late 80s) - the egg rolls slowly became more like spring rolls. i haven't been to that food court in years - so you might try it, but don't bet on it.

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                  1. re: dtud

                    Yes! I remember those egg rolls at the Santa Monica mall. I only had them once a long time ago, but they were really good. I don't think they're there anymore.

                    Like "NY Pizza", there are some egg rolls around that aren't spring rolls - they have a bumpy skin -- but they still aren't NY style egg rolls full of cabbage and pork and that good chewy dough inside. Usually they have a thin layer of dough and flavorless covering and a beansprout and carrot and maybe chicken filling.

                    You can actually find something similar to what I described above in the frozen food section of markets and heat them up at home. I think Trader Joes has them.

                    1. re: Jurisdog

                      Hi all.

                      I'm about a year late to this discussion, but I've just started checking out Chowhound again, since they redid the site.

                      Anyway, I'm a NYC transplant (17 years in L.A./O.C. now) and I still miss eggrolls. The ones here are ok, but they're what would be called spring-rolls back east.

                      Any updates on places to get these? Anything in central/south O.C. would be especially great. And no, I'm not one of those people who think that everything NY is better than out here. Overall, I much prefer the food out here with the Asian and Mexican influences. I do miss the egg rolls and pizza (love some of the pizza out here, but it's just different).

                      Also, changing the subject a bit, here's one I've never seen out here: fried mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce! Many places in NY offer raspberry sauce in addition to the usual marinara. My wife and daughter (So. Cal. natives) thought I was insane, but on one of our trips back east we went ot a little Italian restaurant and got this and they thought it was fantastic. Anyone ever seen this out here?

                      Oh - and unfrosted blueberry poptarts (Kellogs said that no one bought them out here, but how could they if they're not for sale!?), but thats a whole other topic.


                      1. re: unfrostedpoptart

                        You should read the last couple of weeks' worth of threads -- Mr. Taster and I have been combing the city.

                  2. Canton Kitchen in Mar Vista on Venice Blvd south of Centinela. Big fat egg rolls, almost a meal in itself.

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                    1. re: Rick

                      BF and I were wondering about this place this weekend... What other things are good?


                      1. re: Dommy!

                        It really is old school so the traditional fav's are the best. It's take out only.

                    2. Never been to NY and tried one there, but from your description, it sounds like the Thai egg rolls I had at the Wild Rabbit in Costa Mesa, which were the best egg rolls I can remember eating in the last 20 years.

                      They were about 1" in diameter and about 5" long, cut into halves, definitely bigger than the tiny eggrolls you'll get at Chinese fast food takeout joints. Definitely a lot of pork meat, in comparison to other places which are heavy on the vegetables and light on the meat. The outer skin is deep-fried, and it has the perfect crunch when you bite into it, not so soft that it crumbles, but not so hard that you have to really chew it.

                      Here's the description from a copy of their menu:
                      Thai Egg Rolls - $5.95
                      Hand-wrapped egg rolls filled with ground pork, mushrooms, sprouts, noodles, crab meat and Thai spices. Served with spicy sweet and sour sauce.

                      That order comes with 3 egg rolls, which is sliced into halves, so there are 6 pieces total. I have eaten all 6 pieces by myself, in addition to my entree. :-)

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                      1. re: Wonginator

                        Does anybody know about this spot? I received a menu in the mail today and it boast having "NY STYLE EGG ROLLS" 2 for $3.50 and the photo of them sure looks good. I will have to try this place its called:

                        Emperor Express
                        13320 Burbank Blvd
                        in Sherman Oaks


                        includes a tagline says: under new management so must not be a new spot.

                        Any feedback would be great.



                        1. re: Hypnotic23

                          I didn't know about this spot until I read your post, so of course I had to head straight over after work and try it out. Especially since you resurrected a thread that features a 3-year old lament of mine....

                          I too have tried egg rolls without finding what I was looking for, finally resorting to making my own from a David Rosengarten recipe (I once posted, that, btw, on the home cooking board).

                          I picked up an order of two from Emperor Express. And, shock of shocks, I liked them. Though not exactly a NY egg roll, they come close, and I think they're pretty good. First of all, they were the fattest egg rolls I've ever seen. Perfect crispy, bumpy skin, not at all greasy. The insides were startlingly fresh - crunchy, shredded-more-thickly-than-usual cabbage, recognizable chicken, shrimp and mushrooms. True, there were no bits of roast pork, which would have been welcome. But they actually included some DUCK SAUCE in the package - okay, the most watery duck sauce I've ever encountered, but I give 'em points for not including ketchup or that bright red sweet sauce. I asked for hot mustard as well.

                          So this place definitely scored on the egg rolls for me. Not an exact match, but one that certainly could fill the craving between trips to NY. And, at 2 for $3.50, to my knowledge, the best egg roll bargain around.

                          I didn't try any of their other food, but I will be back, for the egg rolls at least.

                          Thanks, Hypnotic23.

                          1. re: lad1818

                            Why is there no duck sauce in LA? Whether with egg rolls or spring rolls or on fried rice, duck sauce rocked. Sweet and sour sauce and plum sauce are just NOT the same!

                            1. re: lad1818


                              Thank you for the response, you beat me to the punch and I plan to try this NY egg roll and some dishes over the weekend, they even deliver too.

                              Glad I got some feedback in advance.



                        2. Good news, I found them after searching Los Angeles for years! And, wouldn't you know it, they were within a mile or two of my house!

                          The name of the place is Emperor Express, a little hole in the wall takeout joint on Burbank Boulevard in Van Nuys (Yelp it). They advertised "NY style egg rolls" and while I'm always skeptical I must always try them. So I got them tonight and they were spot on: Crispy, thick skin and stuffed with cabbage and pork and shrimp etc. The duck sauce they serve it with is a little "Panda Express-y" so I used some nice store-bought duck sauce but bottom line is I can say goodbye to having my NY friends fly egg rolls in dry ice for me across the country like they're transporting a kidney.

                          Anyone who tries them, let me know what you think...

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                          1. re: TedBaxter

                            It was mentioned by Stuart (Hypnotic 23) http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5001... way back in 2008. But he never followed up and no one replied.

                            1. re: TedBaxter

                              Picture 9 on yelp. Looks pretty good.

                              1. re: ns1

                                Wow-- those do look awfully good. Thanks for (re)posting this.


                                Mr Taster

                                1. re: Mr Taster

                                  Wow - 8 years later an answer :) Yes, those do look great in the pics! It sucks that the place is right near where I used to live but I'm down in OC now. I'll have to keep it in mind for next trip up to the 'Valley!

                              2. re: TedBaxter

                                i saw your post and was there an hour later.

                                I ordered the NY Egg Rolls, 2 were in an order and it came to $4.50.

                                I waited about 10 minutes got the bag and went to my car to partake.

                                My verdict: Delicious and not a bad attempt. In fact, the best I have had since moving here from Little New York (Miami) 20 years ago.

                                Good crispy outside. Loaded with cabbage and had a similar taste. The main negatives is the skin was not as thick as a NY Egg roll. I will say this though: They served it with the thickest hot mustard I have ever had and IT WAS HOT!!!!!

                                I will definitely be going back, but still looking for an authentic egg roll.

                                Thank you for the post!!