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Jan 20, 2011 07:03 AM

Newport RI AFTER Dinner

This may not be the right forum for this but I am looking for someplace in Newport on Saturday evening for drinks later in the evening. We will be in town for a sports award dinner. I don't want a jeans and sneakers type of place but rather some place more upscale where people go to see and be seen.

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  1. See & be seen in Newport is more of a summer thing, but my first choice (in any season) would be The Castle Hill Inn. The lounge at the Spiced Pear is very nice too. Downtown I'd go w/Clarke Cooke House and The Mooring.

    Spiced Pear Restaurant
    117 Memorial Boulevard, Newport, RI 02840

    1. Astrix used to be a good place for drinks in an upscale setting, but it has been a while since I've been.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions. I'm well aware that Newport really bustles in the summer thanks to the tourists but I also know that it is a thriving city all year round with ongoing events for the locals. Our daughter attends Salve Regina and we own a condo in Newport. Unfortunately when we visit, we are relegated to a hotel as our daughter is living in the condo.

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          You probably want the Cooke House - there really isn't much during the winter after dinner, especially on the dressier side.

        2. I think Cookhouse is a good bet, they have 2 comfortable bar areas. Also Fifth Element just reopened on Broadway and they have a pretty cool bar now so i think you should give that a try. Maybe 22 Bowens too...they have a fireplace at the upstairs bar. Another option is Fluke with a view of the water. OK, one Tallulah's on Thames, bar upstairs is a great spot for apps and wine.

          Fifth Element
          111 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840

          1. Thanks to all. We met up with some of the other parents and one suggested 22 Bowen.

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              We always felt that was a nice place for cocktails. Have fun! Newport is great!

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                Cooke House has TONS more character than 22 Bowens.