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Jan 20, 2011 06:12 AM

Has anyone been to Belzano in West Windsor/Princeton?

Apparently this place opened not too long ago, and was wondering if any of you hounds have been there and have any opinions on it.

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  1. Belzano of West Windsor is now closed. New owners have taken over as of 4/15/2011 and the new name of the restaurant is O Forno. The concept is Portuguese and Italian cuisine.

    I can't speak for the entrees, however the Margherita pizza is pretty good!

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      Hm. Just drove by the Brick store, which is closed (after just 3-4 months) with chairs stacked on tables and outdoor signs removed, except that they've retained the N and O. So maybe they're planning to revive as O Forno in Brick, too.