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Jan 20, 2011 04:40 AM

Good Delis in North Pinellas

I used to go to the Amish Country Store in Largo, but now that I am in north Palm Harbor, thats a drive. Is there a great deli up in north county? I do go to Surf and Turf on Tampa Road and like it a lot, but was wondering about other options. Thanks.

Surf and Turf
, Jacksonville, FL 32218

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  1. Come on folks, I know you all go to delis!

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    1. Try Felice's deli on US 19 just south of curlew behind the Bob Evan's near the tax collector. a little pricey but good.

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          thanks for the tip, I live very close and will stop there tomorrow. On the same subject, any Jewish Delis in the area? I know of Dilly Deli, but they do not sell sliced Lox or White Fish salad by itself. I could be wrong?

          1. re: DoubleBurger

            try Lucky Dill on Alternate 19 in palm harbor and there
            is always too jay's at the mall. a chain restaurant but you can get the lox and whitefish salad.

          2. re: annemarie07

            tried Felice's today. Got a 1/2 pound of Chicken salad and an Italian Hoagie on their seeded roll. Both were excellent. Not a lot of sides on display but the hoagie was killer.

          3. There's also Cacciatore Brothers on Hillsborough Avenue and Hanley. It's not fancy but I like their cheese and meat counter. Tampa Road turns in to Hillsborough.